Chinese Zodiac Sheep 2017 Horoscope Signs


Chinese zodiac sheep 2017 will have a somewhat face the year of rooster as a bad year. This is due to the many inauspicious stars that can affect the life of those who share sheep zodiac. Some of the inauspicious stars are Yangren which represents blood, Tiangou which can grant you bad luck of having an accident, and Diaoke which can deepen your energy to a negative state during your daily life.

The Life of Chinese Zodiac Sheep 2017

Chinese zodiac sheep 2017 suggest that you shouldn’t fret either because there are three auspicious stars that will bless you as well. Hence, sheep Chinese Zodiac will have a fortune change sometime this year, but may not be a major one. So, sheep zodiac should be able to see the overall changes in their fortune clearly and should also learn to play safe and beware of all bad things that may happen.

Chinese Zodiac Sheep 2017 Prediction

Sheep year of birth

24 January 1955 - 11 February 1956 = Sheep Wood
09 February 1967 - 29 January 1968 = Sheep Fire
28 January 1979 - 15 February 1980 = Sheep Earth
15 February 1991 - 03 February 1992 = Sheep Metal
01 February 2003 - 21 January 2004 = Sheep Water
19 February 2015 - 07 February 2016 = Sheep Wood

Astrology elements in 2017 shows some auspicious direction for sheep zodiac, which head to south and southeast while north is one to avoid. Lucky color are red and yellow, while cyan should be avoided. Lucky numbers are 4 and 8. Some helpful zodiacs are rabbit and horse, while the harmful ones are dog, ox and rat. The auspicious directions for love and study head to north, while auspicious direction for wealth heads to northwest and for career, it heads to the east.

Predictions on Personal Life, Career, Wealth and Happiness of Sheep Zodiac during 2017

Sheep Horoscope Predictions 2017 for Love and Relationship

Chinese zodiac sheep 2017 predicts that you will have a good luck in love and relationship. Well, it is very rare. The simple idea is that the sheep zodiac signs will have prosperous luck on finding love and the opposite sex. Even though this may not affect your wealth and career, but it ought to bring new changes in your life. For ones who are married and in love, social engagements tend to come, having to meet colleagues and friends. Sheep zodiac signs may have crush to some of the friends or colleagues, which can lead to a marriage affair. It’s best to keep your distance with the opposite sex colleagues and friends in work and social life to avoid hurting your family and loved ones.

Sheep Chinese Horoscope 2017 for Fortune and Career

For Chinese zodiac sheep 2017 prediction, you will have a general luck in career. You may have many difficulties in facing work life due to the influence of some inauspicious stars. You will most likely to face unexpected problems during work, and will get tired of them. Your team and/or company’s performance will be lower as the market changes in 2017. So, sheep zodiac signs should beware of the unexpected problems in work, and you should take initiative to find better method and strategy for work.

Chinese zodiac sheep 2017 will have less luck in wealth and may face financial problems which will require a big amount to solve. You should be aware and should prepare for the worst case scenario. It’s best to reduce expenditure and save more to avoid the upcoming problems. You should also learn ways to gain extra income for the matter.

Sheep 2017 Year Of The Rooster 2017 Predictions For Health

Chinese zodiac sheep 2017 predict you will have health risks due to the influence of inauspicious star. Those health risks may come without any sign. You should beware of your mental health state and avoid negative feelings that may be caused by the illness. It may get worse due to the bad luck in career and wealth. Try to not get depressed by them. In addition, you can try to do outdoor exercises to relax.

Year of the Goat 2017

Due to the inauspicious stars that may affect the life of sheep zodiac signs in a bad way, it may feel bad at first. Sheep zodiac signs may feel underwhelmed at first, as the changes in life tend to be bad. But don’t take it as a bad sign throughout the whole year. As the auspicious stars will grant their blessing for sheep zodiac. Year Of the Sheep 2017 

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