Ox Tiger Compatibility Love Match


Ox Tiger compatibility represents two contrasting personalities in Chinese zodiac. But it doesn’t mean that two of them cannot be together. In fact, the compatibility may surprise you because somehow they can get into a romantic relationship. Yes, this can actually happen once the two of them agree to let their ego go away and decide to complement each other to make the relationship works. But if any of them prefers to let their differences come between them, then the things may be much harder to work.

Ox Tiger Compatibility – Hard Work for Both

Ox Tiger Compatibility 2017

But, what’s about something in common? Do they have it? Yes, certainly they do have. Ox and Tiger come to get to know each other and be together because of novelty. If those two can keep this between them and put serious efforts to make the relationship work, it will eventually work. But sometimes the Ox Tiger compatibility doesn’t seem to be that perfect. Why? Well, in nature, male Ox loves to continuously explore wider areas while the female Tiger chooses to interested only in small world of hers. Two of them think of each too different. And if it keeps happening, they will not be able to make their relationship lasts.

Male Ox and Female Tiger Compatibility

How good is the Ox Tiger compatibility if the Ox is the male and Tiger is the female? Well, let’s figure it out. Perhaps, you have to start with the bad news first. With Ox as the male and Tiger as the female, they will find themselves in a charade if they cannot respect and understand each other’s character and nature.

Let me make it clearer. Tigress wants to continuously entertained by her partner. And for the male Ox, this demanding behavior is not something he expects from his partner. So, he doesn’t even have any idea how to fulfill his partner’s wish. In fact, he chooses to be silent and not doing anything. Being clueless where to begin, he starts to wish for someone more like him who is more conscientious, realistic and goal-oriented.

And this also happens to the Tigress as she cannot find a man she’s been expecting for in her current partner. So, these two will start to search something beyond what they can gain from one another. Of course, it’s a good thing from a relationship.

Female Ox and Male Tiger Compatibility

Now, how good is the Ox and Tiger compatibility if the Ox is a female and Tiger is a male? Unfortunately, the compatibility isn’t very good. It’s a short-lived love. At the first months, the male Tiger may get adrenaline rush every time he makes a revolt. Unfortunately, the female Ox doesn’t seem to see the point of behavior that the Tiger does. The two of them are different. The female Ox on one hand, only follows certain ideals and always sticks to them.

It’s different to the male Tiger who is much more adventurous. Tiger is even willing to follow much more exciting path. He doesn’t care about roadblocks and still decides to go through it. If the female Ox is okay with the male Tiger behavior and nature, the relationship should be just fine.

Tiger And Ox Compatibility

This relationship can work but there is always potential conflict that the two have to face together in order to make the relationship worth to consider. Only if both parties are highly committed the relationship can work be solid one. Each of them doesn’t have to change their characters. What’s more important is to accept one another. This way, the Ox and Tiger compatibility will be higher and the two will be true couple eventually.

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