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Ox Rabbit compatibility can be reference if you are an Ox or Rabbit. Yes, you must be curious about it. Well, you can be rest assured because these two Chinese zodiacs have more something in common than differences. Yes, similarities usually equal to higher compatibility for the couple though it’s not an absolute guarantee. But at least, the couple has less potential conflict they should be working on.

Ox Rabbit Compatibility – Passion for Love

Ox Rabbit Compatibility 2017

Both Ox and Rabbit are kind and loving person. They are also easy to get along with other people including with their own. While Rabbit is known for social skills and personal charms, Ox is known to be having determination and physical tenacity. So, as long as they are focus on similarities, their relationship should be just fine.

Male Ox and Female Rabbit Compatibility

Let’s start evaluate the Ox Rabbit compatibility with male Ox and female Rabbit. These two different Chinese zodiacs can make it quite easy to walk down the aisle after building solid relationship. But the process hasn’t ended yet. They still have to make their marriage live works. Only with frequent communication and some adjustment they can achieve this goal.

Usually, during the first months of the marriage, each of them finds one another to be the ideal partner they have been looking for. The female Rabbit finds her male Ox to be realistic, reliable and honest. Meanwhile, the male Ox considers his female Rabbit partner to be easy going, kind capable and refined. But everything will not be as smooth as in the beginning. In certain chances, female Rabbit will accused by the male Ox due to her unintentional mess. As a result, the calm female Rabbit will frightened and sensitive that in the end, she chooses to be quiet.

But this bad probability doesn’t have to be true as long as the couple work the relationship. They should use their biggest strength to survive the relationship. It’s the mutual love of peace because in nature, these two are actually always trying to avoid any conflict. Both zodiacs love peace and tend to be calm and more patient compared to other Chinese zodiacs. If the two put their best efforts to make the relationship work, their Ox and Rabbit compatibility will be much higher.

Female Ox and Male Rabbit Compatibility

Let’s move on to see the Ox Rabbit compatibility with female Ox and male Rabbit. Unlike the relationship between male Ox and female Rabbit, this relationship requires more effort to make it work. The couple does have love for each other. But they also have some disagreements that can lead to more serious issues if not taken care seriously. That’s why encouragement and trust are very important for the couple.

In nature, the male Rabbit is wise, open minded, merciful and also gentle. On the other hand, the female Ox is more reserved, realistic and more comfortable being in her own world. Therefore, to make the relationships work, they have to encourage one another to try being in one another’s world. This is important so they can understand each other more. And, it also helps them to start liking what their partners like. When the couple starts to have something in common, the chances of better relationship is wide open.  

Rabbit and Ox Compatibility

Well, despite the potential differences and conflicts, both Ox and Rabbit have the same love and passion toward finer things of life. Basically, this is a great base for them to grow attraction and compassion for one another. It shows how they actually have so much in common than they know of. Their love for good comforting life is what will keep them together and increase the Ox Rabbit compatibility.

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