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Ox Dragon Compatibility is interesting matter to explore due to the result of them. Chinese Zodiacs consist of twelve types which animals are used as representative. Ox and dragon are some of them. Chinese wisdom considers Zodiacs to lead their live such as wealth, work, marriage, love, and anything. For relationship, there is something that you should know, especially for couple.

Ox Dragon Compatibility in Love Relationship

Ox Dragon Compatibility 2017

Before exploring more about Ox Dragon Compatibility, you need to know the personality or characteristics of each animal. Firstly, Ox is symbol of diligent. People with Ox as Zodiacs tend to work hard to reach their goal. It is the good sign for life, but Ox has trouble in communication. Besides, Ox tends to be narrow-minded, stubborn, and prejudice.

Dragon is a myth animal because there is different form of dragon outside Chinese Zodiacs. You may call this animal as myth. From Chinese Horoscope Zodiacs, Dragon is a symbol of power and wealth. As you know, this animal can be seen in palace where emperor or king lived to rule country. Until now, dragon still has strong effect in Chinese culture. People with this Zodiac tend to have powerful personality which make potential as leader. Moreover, Dragon is brave and innovative which does not afraid to take new step. Sometimes, dragon is over-confident, tactless, and conceited. After knowing personality of Ox and Dragon, it is time to explore both of them in love relationship.

Male Ox and Female Dragon Compatibility

The first Ox and Dragon compatibility is male Ox and female Dragon. From personality analysis, this combination is not good. If you are a man and have a relationship with woman in Dragon zodiac, only fifty percent relationship will go well. Why does this mater happen? Ox likes peaceful life which not what dragon wants. She likes active life which gives her more independency. Moreover, man cannot define his intention clearly due to lack of communication skill.

Fifty percent to get trouble in love relationship, but still has the rest to be better. This is very challenging situation. One mistake will create effect for both of sides. In order to keep relationship in good state, man does not hesitate to express his will. On the other side, woman needs to be slow down to calm her passion. If they can resolve problem, relationship will go strong forever.

Female Ox and Male Dragon Compatibility

Now, let's explore Ox Dragon compatibility where Ox is female and Dragon is male. Dragon likes to put something flashy for impression. Demand for complement is what dragon needs to stay in good relationship. On contrary, woman with Ox Zodiac is calm and not easy to get her attraction. At first date, Dragon sees the real challenge for his manly persona then tries hard to obtain her attention. This is good balance because Ox is calm and dragon is more energetic.

However, something lies beneath relationship between Ox and dragon. As you know, dragon, especially man, is easy to get bored. After he wins her heart, relationship feel idle and nothing come into conclusion. Meanwhile, Ox likes to stay peaceful and has enough in her life. Dragon looks for a new challenge, so this is not good sign at all. Dragon may be cheat his partner, but cannot stay too far from Ox. Based on calculation, this situation gives fifty percent of success and failed. It depends how dragon control his ego and Ox follows dragon’s intention.

Dragon and Ox Compatibility

Ox and Dragon seems to be not good in relationship. Fifty percent is the chance for being bad or good, but it is still enough to keep relationship for future. Ox tends to be calm where Dragon more passionate. To balance each other, both parties should constraint their ego. Knowing Ox Dragon compatibility will lead to better and wise ways to handle situation. Therefore, you will make the right decision for future with your love.

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