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Ox Sheep compatibility is not very prospective for long term relationship or marriage. These two different Chinese zodiacs represent two different personalities that can actually work together only if they two work hard together. The chances for these two to maintain their relationship is fairly low but everything can happen especially with Ox reliable nature and truthful attitude. As for friendship, these two can also make it work if the two of them are committed to it. That’s because their personalities are quite contrasting to one another. And none of them has tendency to complement each other.

Ox Sheep Compatibility – Contrasting Personalities with Lots of Conflicts

Ox Sheep Compatibility 2017

The truth is the future compatibility between the Ox and Sheep isn’t very promising. The predicted situation is both them will try so hard to adapt to their relationship and to adjust the personalities to match the partner. Although this is a significant effort from both Ox and Tiger but it doesn’t always work well because these two tend to display bad traits. Compromising isn’t very easy for both of them due to very contrasting personalities and way of think.

Male Ox and Female Sheep Compatibility

So, you are a male Ox and currently dating a female sheep. So, it’s normal for you to question the Ox Sheep compatibility to give hint about what you will deal with in the future. Well, let me be clear. You should not expect too much from your relationship. Be realistic but keep putting effort to make it work.

Ox Sheep compatibility basically represents a relationship of a cat and a dog. These two creatures are mostly not in good terms despite living under the same roof. This actually shows how your relationship will most likely be. It’s true that full of unification will be in your relationship. However, in many cases. You’re not prepared to face disagreements that both of you will have in the relationship. The male Ox is realistic, diligent, and is willing to play a lot of attention to accumulate health. This is different to female sheep which tends to be flirtatious, self-indulgent but likes to spend money.

Being the symbol of diligence, Ox actually represents people who are ambitious, patient, creative, honest, hardworking and are able to handle things steadily. But Ox isn’t all about positive sides. Ox also has negative sides like being indifferent, narrow-minded, stubborn, slow, prejudiced and also not very good at communication.

Female Ox and Male Sheep Compatibility

Then what is the Sheep and Ox compatibility for female Ox and male Sheep? Let’s take a look closer. This couple represents couple that needs change and efforts to coexist in harmony and peace. They will devoted and steadfast to one another. And both of them will also not change their mind once they have made it up. They will regret being committed to one another even if any of them meet someone better. What makes the couple unique is that they tend to be extremely possessive and jealous to one another despite still being in love. This actually shows that both of them tend to self-willed and selfish.

The male sheep is describ to a male with romantic side but has over-idealized ideas. And he also tends to easily dissatisfied with his female partner’s way of living. But it doesn’t mean that the female Ox is bad for being systematic in way of living. In fact, the female sheep’s nature actually complements the male Ox. That’s because the female Ox tends to good housekeeper, well-ordered and calm person. Meanwhile, the male Ox on the other hand tends to be immature.

So if you find yourself in this relationship, do not back down right away. Stay there committed and put effort to make it work because it can be good relationship despite fairly low Ox Sheep compatibility.

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