Tiger and Tiger Compatibility In Chinese Zodiac


Tiger Tiger compatibility in the relationship of love will be discussed further in this section. You are going to know whether the relationship of female tiger and male tiger can be long lasting or not. Generally, it is said that people who were born under tiger sign have alluring personality. Due to this prediction, they are able to drawn and attract another tiger easily. Tiger is also said to original, kind-hearted, and seductive. Typically, they can love and kind to person they care. To know this further, let’s discuss about personality trait owned by male tiger and female tiger.

No matter what gender they have, both male and female tiger are defined in the same personality. The animal of tiger is a symbol of bravery. Therefore, people who were born in tiger year are also brave, friendly, charming, and competitive. Tiger also blessed with authority and good luck. Based on Chinese astrology, tiger people are competent to leaders with great confidence and indomitable fortitude. Unfortunately, being irritable, impetuous, like to boast, and overindulged are included as their negative side.

Tiger Tiger Compatibility in Chinese AstrologyTiger and Tiger Compatibility 2017

As for tiger and tiger compatibility, they might not or might be able to be successful in love relationship. This can happen since neither male nor female tiger are like to controlled by each other. They tend to have different opinion regarding which one that is going to control certain area in their lives. Besides, both male and female tiger do not like for having some kinds of disagreements. This makes both party disagree about who are in control.

Male Tiger and Female Tiger Compatibility

In order to keep love relationship to last long for people with tiger sign, male tiger should watch out more for his female tiger. This is because female tiger has more antic personality which disruptive in every step. In this case, female tiger is usually giving some kinds of stimulating sense in the form of surprise into male tiger’s life which is orderly and quite calm. This kind of surprise can benefit their relationship. However, when there are too much surprises, male tiger will probably view this as disruption that makes him cannot stand.

Female tiger might feel bored because of the personality owned by his companion. She will probably keep her heart to be occupied by doing other method. One thing to be afraid that can be negative effect to their love relationship is if the female is looking for another partner. But when this method does happen, both tiger must call their relationship to quit for better. Nevertheless, if male tiger can be very extremely patience regarding this matter, it said that a bit flirting done by her partner will not harm this relationship a lot.  So, what is tiger tiger compatibility when the female leads it? Let’s check it below.

For your information, tiger are includ as having very volatile personality. When they are in love relationship, they probably will not leave another party quite easily. If male tiger is dating male tiger, it is alike you add some nitro to some glycerin. This means that this relationship is waiting for explosion to happen. This can happen sooner when any friction sources can discovered. So, according to astrology in Chinese culture, tiger tiger compatibility will work quite unwell.

Relationship Tiger and Tiger Compatibility

Their everyday life within this relationship will become the experience of new bundle. It is full of surprises to both male and female tiger. As for the solving problem, each tiger will also have different way as the solution. It is natural that tiger rarely allows others to share personal spaces they have. This is because tigers are territorial and very solitary creatures. There must be a reason of why Chinese sage gave name such human personality after this animal.

In term of tiger tiger compatibility, male tiger and female tiger in love relationship can get apart because of their own demeanor. Nevertheless, no matter what happens you have to try as much as possible to follow the right way for your relationship. So, good luck in your love relationship.

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