Tiger Rabbit Compatibility Love Match


Tiger Rabbit Compatibility most probably makes us think ‘predator and victim’ when we first hear it. However this is only accurate in the animal kingdom. When it comes to Chinese zodiacs, the two are actually pretty compatible partners to each other. The main reason behind this is because of the caring and understanding traits each partner possesses although they may each shown in different manners. But, simultaneously, problems may occur from inherent characteristics of each partner, causing reciprocal differences.

Tigers symbolize bravery. Those who are born in the year of the Tiger usually have the characteristics of friendliness, charm, bravery and also competitiveness. Blessed with great confidence and leadership skills, they have the potential to be great leaders in life. These are the good traits of the tiger according to traditional Chinese belief. On the flip side, those born in the year of the tiger are usually people of extreme nature. They are inherently rebellious and love to choose conflict over peace. This means they can sometimes often the people around them without a care in the world. Tiger people are also mavericks and can often be seen doing things in an unorthodox manner. They also have a huge ego and don’t take criticism very well.

Tiger Rabbit Compatibility in Relationships and Love Life

Tiger and Rabbit Compatibility 2017

Rabbits represent gentleness, charm and delicacy. People born in the year of the rabbit dislike conflict and will try their best to solve issues without fighting. If all else fails and situations go south, they would rather run the other way. Rabbit people are great at negotiating which is a skill typically developed to prevent conflicts of any sort and live peaceful lives. On the negative side, rabbits can be quite controlling when it comes to the relationship. They constantly want their other half to inform them of their whereabouts and also your plans for the day in advance. Also, they can be pretty self-absorbed and often neglect their other half when making decisions. When it comes to matters of money, rabbit people can be pretty superficial and materialistic. Having read these facts, how do you deem Tiger and Rabbit Compatibility would be? Let’s find out!

Male Tiger and Female Rabbit Compatibility

The combination of male tiger and female rabbit requires quite the amount of effort from both partners to maintain a harmonious relationship. The male tiger’s strength, bravery and energy are appealing to the female rabbit. When brought together however, the male tiger’s boldness may cause the delicate female rabbit to be somewhat nervous.

On the other hand, the female rabbit’s gentleness and decency may attract the male tiger in the beginning. However after some time, her melancholy and nervousness may eventually shun the male tiger away. The good thing though, is that though at times you may butt heads, but ultimately the two of you can achieve mutual understanding. Plus, female rabbits make good housewives and mothers. Tiger rabbit compatibility of this type proves to be pretty ok.

Female Tiger and Male Rabbit Compatibility

The combination of male rabbit and female tiger is quite a peculiar one. The male rabbit is more of a shy and timid person; traits that aren’t exactly described as manly. These traits will usually turn a woman off, especially one who is born in the year of the tiger. However, given the fact male rabbit and female tiger relationships are pretty unusual, the female tiger may see this as a challenge and this is what she loves.

Conversely, the male rabbit may drawn towards the female tiger for her strength and dauntlessness. Adventurous and exciting experiences, in and out of bed are something the female tiger will definitely provide for the male rabbit. Yet, the male rabbit’s mundane regular habits will eventually bore the female tiger out. In a nutshell, tiger rabbit compatibility of this type is pretty hard to work out.

Rabbit and Tiger Compatibility

So there you have it, insights on the tiger rabbit compatibility for zodiacs for both men and women. Hope this proves helpful with your relationship and love life.

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