Tiger Dragon Compatibility Love Match


Tiger Dragon Compatibility for love can be quite the challenge. In Chinese culture and mythology, tigers and dragons are often seen as almost equals when it comes to power and majesty. They are equally worthy competitor to each other and each has their own sets of strengths. How about when it comes to compatibility in love and relationships? Well, let’s find out!

The tiger symbolizes bravery. Those who are born in the year of the Tiger usually have the characteristics of friendliness, charm, bravery and also competitiveness. Blessed with great confidence and leadership skills, they have the potential to be great leaders in life. These are the good traits of the tiger according to traditional Chinese belief. On the flip side, those born in the year of the tiger are usually people of extreme nature. They are inherently rebellious and love to choose conflict over peace. That being said, this means they can sometimes often the people around them without a care in the world. Tiger people are also mavericks and can often be seen doing things in an unorthodox manner. They also have a huge ego and don’t take criticism very well.

Tiger Dragon Compatibility in Love Life

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Being the emblem of pride of the entire Chinese race, the dragon is a symbol of strength, longevity and prosperity. Those who are born in the year of the dragon are said to possess qualities of bravery, courage and success. They are also high achievers and aim very high in life. The negative points of dragon people are that they tend to be narcissistic. They always deem themselves as the centre of everything. This could due to the fact dragons are viewed as such beautiful and majestic beasts in Chinese culture. Besides that, they are also cocky and over confident. Being the most powerful beast in Chinese mythology, this comes as no surprise that dragons can think a bit too highly of themselves. Now, let’s take a look at the Tiger Dragon Compatibility

Male Tiger and Female Dragon Compatibility

Tiger and Dragon Compatibility of this type usually has couples who have good interaction and are good at encouraging and supporting each other. However, a great amount of effort needs to taken to maintain a happy relationship. Both the male tiger and female dragon are grandiose and bold. Their early interactions are always filled with warmth and affection.

However, as time goes on, the fire of love starts to weaken and requires effort to rekindled. The male tiger longs to be in control will want to wear the pants in the relationship. The female dragon on the other hand also fights for the power and authority to in charge and does not liked to bossed around.

Female Tiger and Male Dragon Compatibility

In the early stages, the female tiger and male will strongly attracted to each other by merely their mutuality in personalities and this type of tiger dragon compatibility may seem perfect in the beginning. The female tiger’s witty mind and individuality is what draws the male dragon to her like a magnet. On the other hand, the strong charisma that the male dragon possesses is equally irresistible to the female dragon.

However, this passionate connection and relationship may short-lived if not properly nurtured. This is because both the female tiger and male dragon will constantly compete for power and authority in the relationship. This requires a more compromising and understanding approach as the best solution. All in all, this compatibility proves to be good.

Dragon And Tiger Compatibility in Love

And there you go; some useful information and facts regarding Tiger and Dragon Compatibility in terms of zodiac love and relationships. Hope it proves useful and helps you in your relationship endeavors.  

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