Tiger Monkey Compatibility Love Match


Tiger Monkey Compatibility has interesting result to tell. Before jump into this stuff, you need to know brief introduction about Tiger and Monkey. Chinese Zodiac is more than knowledge to mix and match. Since ancient time, people used this knowledge to create better life. This thing can be used for fortune, wealth, building, and love. The latter is primary topic on this article.

What do you have in mind when hear about Tiger? It is strong animal that lives solitary in jungle. Tiger hunts alone its prey and does not stop until get it. In many cultures, Tiger represent brave, strength, and leadership. People born with this Zodiac have unbeatable charisma that becomes good sign for leadership. Bad side about Tiger is the last one standing of protesters. You cannot find any person with strong enough to keep everything from beginning until the end, while everyone gives up already. This is Tiger in life.

Tiger Monkey Compatibility for Love Relationship

Tiger Monkey Compatibility Predictions

In Monkey and Tiger Compatibility, the key relationship is Monkey’s personality. Of course, Tiger cannot be ignored, but future depends on attitude of monkey. People with this Zodiac are energetic, attractive, and love to play game. However, monkey know how to make everyone smile and laugh. With this personality, monkey is center of attraction. It is difficult to let monkey focuses on something because easily distracted.

Male Tiger and Female Monkey Compatibility

Now, you explore Tiger Monkey Compatibility where man is tiger and woman is Monkey. Based on personality, both of characters are completely different. Tiger is intense and serious. On contrary, Monkey is playful with laugh and small. Both of them are intelligent. Women with Monkey as Zodiac are attractive. They are able to attract men easily, especially Tiger. First date is the most challenging time for Tiger due to lack of humor sense. Of course, Monkey sees this matter as interesting and amusing

The problem turns into more serious when both of them decide to marry. Having partner with opposite character does not guarantee to happy ending. Both of parties have weakness that difficult to ease. When decide to reach something, Tiger never stops until everything at hand. On contrary, Monkey is more flexible. This character is able to irritate Tiger due to lack of sense of being importance. Based on calculation, this love relationship will get very low probability to succeed.

Female Tiger and male Monkey Compatibility

Now, woman is Tiger and man is Monkey. Communication is key to overcome problem. Man has pride to show leadership for woman. On the other hand, Tiger might not good enough to follow him. Monkey is more flexible, but cannot do what he want without concern his surroundings. Unlike previous condition, love relationship will have more probability to success.

Major problem in Tiger Monkey Compatibility is ego. Monkey sees Tiger as challenging to tame. He likes game, but still consider serious relationship when comes into his heart. At first, Tiger does not see anything good from Monkey due to opposite character. However, Tiger might fall into trap. On contrary, Monkey is also capable to fall into trap from Tiger. Both sides are like rubber which one pull and another tries to loose. For female tiger and male monkey, having love relationship only bring thirty percent to match. Both of persons should hold emotional and feeling to understand each other.

Monkey and Tiger Compatibility

Thousand years are enough to put Chinese Horoscope as the most reliable prediction. Monkey and Tiger live in jungle, but different place. Tiger is able to climb tree, but rarely do such matter. Monkey jump from branch on top of tree and hardly to see walk on the ground. This is reason why Tiger Monkey Compatibility will find hardship to succeed. Personality, characters, and life perspective makes both parties work hard to create better life together.

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