Tiger Pig Compatibility Love Match


Tiger Pig Compatibility is probably quite the peculiar Chinese zodiac match when you first think about it. However, you’d be wrong to judge right off the bat. Don’t let fate decide your love life. Learning as much as possible about the compatibility of yourself and your partner is crucial. This is to discover which aspects of your relationship may be stronger and which aspects may require some working on to make the relationship work out. So, without further ado, let us take a closer look the compatibility between the tiger and pig Chinese zodiac.

Tigers symbolize bravery. Those who are born in the year of the Tiger usually have the characteristics of friendliness, charm, bravery and also competitiveness. Blessed with great confidence and leadership skills, they have the potential to be great leaders in life. These are the good traits of the tiger according to traditional Chinese belief. On the flip side, those born in the year of the tiger are usually people of extreme nature. They are inherently rebellious and love to choose conflict over peace. This means they can sometimes often the people around them without a care in the world. Tiger people are also mavericks and can often seen doing things in an unorthodox manner. They also have a huge ego and don’t take criticism very well.

Helpful Tips on Tiger Pig Compatibility

Tiger Pig Compatibility Love

Pigs symbolize carefreeness, prosperity, luck and good fortune. People who are born in the year of the pig are  possess the traits of honesty, sincerity, and happiness. They are very loyal and true people when it comes to relationships, be it with friends or family. They are describ as chilled and relaxed people who can stay calm and maintain a peace of mind even through the toughest, most difficult situations. The possible negative points of pig people are that they are stubborn, materialistic, naive and the most heard of one of all time, lazy. With these characteristics listed out, let us take a look at the Tiger Pig Compatibility in love and romance.

Male Tiger and Female Pig Compatibility

In this type of Tiger Pig Compatibility, the make tiger and female pig will admire the charisma each other bring to the table. They both will enjoy the characteristics each other has to offer. However, being the rebellious type, the male tiger may be easily on the edge. The female pig will easily get annoy by such behavior and in turn throw tantrums. But ultimately, this relationship can still very much be a successful one if they learn to accept each other’s’ flaws.

For this relationship to work out well, the male tiger has to learn to be calm and steady and shower the female pig with plenty of love and affection. On the other hand, the female pig will have to get used to being independent and accepting the fact that their other half needs some alone time once in a while.

Female Tiger and Male Pig Compatibility

The tiger pig compatibility of this sort is a couple that is good at attracting and satisfying one another. The male pig is typically to possess the characteristics of honesty, wisdom, gentleness and kindness. The female tiger on the other hand is outgoing, proud and active.

Pig and Tiger Compatibility

The female tiger is an independent woman and some would deem ‘iron lady’. Though the female tiger may be impulsive at times, the male pig will step in with his wisdom and calmness to cool her down and be there for her in crucial times. And this sums up the review on tiger pig compatibility. You this helps you in your love life with your significant other half.

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