Rabbit and Rabbit Compatibility Love Match


Rabbit rabbit compatibility may seem like a no brainer and most people would assume to be a perfect match due to the fact they are the same Chinese zodiac. However, you might want to think twice because that’s not the case at all. People who are born in the year of the rabbit are said to be very mysterious and can be sensitive when it comes to matters of the heart. They are rationalist level-headed people who always think before acting, favor romance in their relationships. Calm and well-mannered and getting angry is always seen as a last resort for them under any circumstances. They will try and solve any conflicts of misunderstandings in the most calm and peaceful manner.

Chinese Zodiac Love Life: Rabbit Rabbit Compatibility

Rabbit and Rabbit Love Compatibility 2017

When being pursued by an enthusiastic pursuer, they might shun away. However, persistence is the key to winning their heart. If one tries long and hard enough, they might just get lucky and manage to win over a rabbit person’s heart.  Once comfortable in a relationship, rabbit people will usually depend on their other half a lot. Hence, a breakup may deeply affect their emotional health and wellbeing as a whole. Let’s see how rabbit rabbit compatibility works out:

Male Rabbit and Female Rabbit Compatibility

In their youth, they are usually popular among the females. This is because male rabbits are kind and considerate towards women. They are the best examples of how a chivalrous gentleman should behave and treat the opposite sex. However, they are not one for commitment. Once a woman devotes herself into a serious relationship of commitment, he will try and escape without second thought. This is due to the fact that rabbit men hate to bound down and opt for the easy carefree life.

Although so, when they mature, they start to get more serious and less playful. Also once hitched, they can be good husbands and fathers and are the type of men that believe family always comes first whenever and wherever. This makes rabbit rabbit compatibility sound promising.

Female rabbits are calm, innocent and some would say naïve when it comes to love. When it comes to relationships, they are not the playful type. They only accept some they truly love and not fool around when it comes to matters of the heart. Hence, it is advisable for someone to give up as soon as rejected once by them as they are very firm of love decisions. Once married, they make responsible mothers and housewives. They also constantly seek out new skills to improve on themselves.

When it comes to dating, they crave for a romantic relationship. They also like their own personal space in a relationship and don’t like to controlled. When given personal room and space, they will very much appreciate it. Also, they are not very good decision makers and often need to rely on the advice and support of the people around them to venture out and discover new things. Those who want to be to their close friends have to be good and trustworthy people.

Rabbit And Rabbit Relationship

So when it comes to rabbit rabbit compatibility, fact is, they can achieve a happy and good love life. However, this can done if they both help each other mature and abandon any child-like behavior and thinking. Also if both parties can learn to be more selfless and think more for the other, a happy and long lasting relationship is what they’ll get.

Hopefully you’ve found this article on rabbit and rabbit compatibility in Chinese zodiacs informative. Remember, don’t let fate decide. You decide.

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