Rabbit and Dragon Compatibility Love Match


Rabbit and Dragon Compatibility represent two totally opposite personalities in Chinese astrology, similar to the creatures themselves. The dragon is bold, powerful and very forthright, whereas the rabbit submissive, witty and adapts to survive. Though many may say that a relationship between a person born in the year of the rabbit and a person born in the year of the dragon is almost impossible. With enough effort and willpower, they still can work a relationship out against all odds.  

Rabbits represent gentleness, charm and delicacy. People born in the year of the rabbit dislike conflict and will try their best to solve issues without fighting. If all else fails and situations go south, they would rather run the other way. Rabbit people are great at negotiating which is a skill typically developed to prevent conflicts of any sort and live peaceful lives. On the negative side, rabbits can be quite controlling when it comes to the relationship. They constantly want their other half to inform them of their whereabouts and also your plans for the day in advance. Also, they can be pretty self-absorbed and often neglect their other half when making decisions. When it comes to matters of money, rabbit people can be pretty superficial and materialistic

Zodiac Insights on Rabbit and Dragon Compatibility

Rabbit and Dragon Compatibility Love Match

Being the emblem of pride of the entire Chinese race, the dragon is a symbol of strength, longevity and prosperity. Those who are born in the year of the dragon are said to possess qualities of bravery, courage and success. They are also high achievers and aim very high in life. The negative points of dragon people are that they tend to be narcissistic. They always deem themselves as the center of everything. This could be due to the fact dragons are viewed as such beautiful and majestic beasts in Chinese culture. Besides that, they are also cocky and over confident. Being the most powerful beast in Chinese mythology, this comes as no surprise that dragons can think a bit too highly of themselves. Now, let’s take a look at the Rabbit and Dragon Compatibility. Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

Male Rabbit and Female Dragon Compatibility

For Rabbit Dragon Compatibility of this type, being the more bold and assertive one, the female dragon will try her best to protect the male rabbit. She also enjoys the feeling of being in power and wearing the pants when they’re together. The female dragon also feels grounded when the male rabbit is around as he is not materialistic and very down-to-earth.

However, the female dragon’s boldness and assertiveness may come off as too much for the male rabbit and may at times overwhelm or even overshadow him. This is bad because males always have their own sense of pride and despise having it trampled

Female Rabbit and Male Dragon Compatibility

When it comes to this type of Rabbit and Dragon Compatibility. The male dragon will enjoy being the breadwinner and enjoy providing for female rabbit. This is because it strokes and boosts the ego of the male dragon, topped with the fact that the female rabbit is often the submissive type. And enjoys a man who can take charge and steer the way.

However, tragedy dawns upon couples of this type who don’t put in enough effort. The male dragon’s ego and pride may destroy the relationship if not addressed earlier on in the relationship. The female rabbit risks suffering from being under the thumb of her other half if this matter if not solved in the early stages. This is due to the fact that the female rabbit is quiet and submissive and this makes her easy to push and boss around.

Dragon And Rabbit Compatibility

And there you have it, some useful information and facts regarding Dragon And Rabbit Compatibility in terms of zodiac love and relationships. Hope it proves useful and helps you in your relationship endeavors.  

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