Rabbit Dog Compatibility Love Match


Rabbit dog compatibility is not as complicated as we might think. They are two of many zodiacs that indicate a perfect match. Both of them are so unique in the diversity of personalities and characteristics. Moreover, they have some aspects in common which complement one another. Rabbit and dog may not seem so much compatible creatures in the real life since the animals are the natural enemies in the wild. It makes them can’t be matched together. Yet, on the Chinese zodiacs, rabbit and dog have a pretty great chance to make a perfect pair based on their different abilities and characteristics to help each other.

Firstly, let’s talk about relationship. Relationship is essential if you want to live happily to the fullest. For some people, relationship is their first priority. Good relationship not only helps us to meet our needs, but also make our life to be more fulfilling. One way to build a good relationship is to learn and search for the right partner’s characteristics. By learning their characters, it is easier for us to find perfect relationship.

Rabbit Dog Compatibility on Relationship

Rabbit and Dog Compatibility 2017

By understanding Chinese zodiacs, it might increase our knowledge to learn our partner’s personality. In this article, we will talk about rabbit dog compatibility in Chinese astrology. The rabbit is a sign for longevity, and the dog is the sign for loyalty, which both signs are complementing each other.

Male Rabbit and Female Dog Compatibility

As we state before, two zodiacs are a perfect pair. They both try their best to satisfy and make each other happy. The male rabbit is a thinker, smart, and good at finding a way out of problems. Meanwhile, female dog is loyal, kind, easy-going, and gentle. She is forever the watch guard over her partner. The male rabbit is sometimes vulnerable and easy to fall down. In addition, the true love and loyalty by the female dog is the main reason the he needs her. She can encourage and motivate him from the harshness of the real world.  

For the female rabbit itself, the male rabbit’s knowledge, intelligence, and gentleness make her fall in love and attracted. Rabbit dog compatibility is interesting. Their combination makes a really supportive relationship. They can work together as a team. When the one is down, the other instinctively knows what to do to support and lift his/her partner. They are aware of another weakness and try to complete and fulfill it with his/her perfection.

Female Rabbit and Male Dog Compatibility

Both zodiacs are independent, so they understand and know to leave some personal spaces for each other. Male dog is a great person to be a leader on relationship. Their tolerance and kindness help the relationship as female rabbit is more gentle and favorable. Furthermore, she is romantic and charming, so it is easier for her to grasp and snatch male dog’s heart.

However, there are of course some obstacles for rabbit dog compatibility. The main obstacle is usually coming from both perceptions on what each finds pleasurable in life. The rabbit is attracted to classy and romantic pleasure like fine dining, stylish dressing, and expensive things. Otherwise, the dog is not really luxurious in the perception of pleasure. Also, the high-minded idealism of the rabbit may be difficult for the dog to comprehend who is more easy-going and adaptable.

Dog And Rabbit Compatibility

Nonetheless, rabbit dog compatibility is overall a good match. They both start to understand themselves, because they realize it is hard to change another’s character. Each will bring his/her own brand of love and caring to the relationship. Moreover, it makes them find an easy and compatible relationship.

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