Dragon And Dragon Compatibility Love Match


Dragon and Dragon Compatibility tells us that upcoming 2017 is not going to be an easy year to pass. If your Chinese zodiac is dragon and currently having dragon girlfriend or boyfriend, the upcoming year is definitely something you need to be concerned. Things are getting different after the year changes. Before digging far into the compatibility, the first thing we need to do is to understand the nature of dragon for both genders.

The basic nature of dragons is its strength. Possessing good strength is often follow by good endurance. Dragons are able to endure hard times that occasionally unbearable for other couples. Dealing with difficult partner is one of the benefits of having good endurance. Fortunately, dragons are gifted with superior intelligence. Dragons are able to use their superior intellectuality to solve problems emerges between them. The brave nature of dragons allows them to take risks when solving their problems.

Fortune of Dragon Compatibility

Dragon and Dragon Compatibility Chart

Dragon and dragon compatibility is considered as unique couple, particularly when the good nature of dragons is followed by negative nature as well. The most dominant negative nature of dragons is the desire for power and adoration. If both sides are searching for the same thing from one and another, it will end up to disappointments. The stubbornness of dragons sometimes is difficult to handle. Here is brief summary of what will happen if male dragon meets female dragoness.

Male Dragon and Female Dragon Compatibility

Dragon dragon compatibility seems to be combination that cannot work out perfectly. Couples with the same zodiac are rarely able to get along nicely. Among all couples of same zodiac, dragon couples are the most complicated one. Instead of getting along, when two dragons meet, they will end up fighting against each other. This situation not ideal for couple, especially when difficult times of 2017 are coming in their way.

Male dragon has protective nature. He wants to protect his partner no matter what it takes in the end. This protective nature is a good sign if the partner comes from other zodiac such as rooster or monkey that needs more tending. On the other hand, female dragoness also wants to protect the one she loves most. The strong nature of female dragoness does not require any protections. Most importantly, her pride nature does not allow her to protected. Protection is exclusively for the weak.

Dragon and dragon compatibility happens to be not a good match. Female dragoness wants to admired for what she worth. If she does not find the admiration she requires, she will seek for it. Unfortunately, male dragon is not the sensitive type. He does not even realize that his partner needs admiration. He is busy seeking for the same admiration as well. Both natures to dominate above the other make them being competitive.

From this brief explanation, we can conclude that dragon is not ideal couple for other dragon. If so, what they can do to get along with the other? The answer for this problem is simple: a strong commitment on the beginning. Before starting the relationship, it is important to committed on the relationship. They have to decide who will be the dominant one or who will be protected or admired. Reaching the same commitment is not an easy process given their stubbornness nature. However, it is not impossible as well.

Dragon And Dragon Relationship

Dragon and dragon compatibility makes not ideal relationship for couples. Huge problems will most likely occurred on 2017. Preparation will not cover the problems. Sacrifices have to made in order to survive the hard times. Less ideal relationship on the beginning makes it even worse. Instead for having dragon as partner, dragons are advisable to look for other partner with more suitable zodiac.

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