Dragon And Snake Compatibility Love Match


Dragon and Snake Compatibility shows that preparation is the most important thing to do to welcome New Year. Several preparations need to done before 2016 is ended. Dragon and snake is one of the couples that need to prepared for this. Given the nature of both chinese zodiacs, dragon and snake will do just fine on the upcoming year. Here is the basic nature of both zodiacs that will help us analyze their relationship.

Dragons are often associated with strength and intelligence. Due to the strength they possess, they always want to protect their partner. Their intelligence allows them to escape from problem that always occurs between them and their partner. Unfortunately, dragons are seeking for higher power and admiration. Their ambitions for power might lead them to bad decision. If dragons do not get the admiration they want, the will struggle to get it. That is not always a good thing.

Dragon and Snake Compatibility Relationship

Dragon and Snake Compatibility Love Match 2017

Dragon snake compatibility is rather unusual couple. People who born under the snake zodiac make their relationship with dragon are getting interesting. If dragon has intelligence nature, snakes have wise nature. Snakes also have good sympathy towards anybody else. Unfortunately, snakes also have greedy nature. The greedy nature of snakes is not that bad. Snakes actually have worst nature they can contribute to the relationship: jealousy. Here are the compatibility information analyzed based on their genders.

Male Dragon and Female Snake Compatibility

Dragon snake compatibility works ideally when the male partner is the dragon. For a couple, it is definitely natural if the male possesses strength over the female. He will protect their partner from any harm that could possibly happen to her. On this relationship, the male dragons dominate over the female snake. Male dragons require admiration form his partner. Unfortunately, female snakes are not good at it. She admires herself more than anything else does, including her male dragon partner.

Female snakes often feel jealous towards her male dragon partner. When someone else are getting close to him, she will most likely interrogate her partner to find out who is she. Female snakes do have wise nature. Unfortunately, the jealousy nature is sometimes more dominant than the wise nature. They might accidently accuses their partner for doing affair. Meanwhile, if the wise nature is more dominant than the jealousy nature, she will prevent the male dragon for making bad decision when he is seeking for power.

Female Dragon and Male Snake Compatibility

Dragon snake compatibility comes as a great challenge. The female dragons are able to manage their financial condition. She is not depending on his male snake. She is also grant with strength and intelligence. It helps her when their relationship is having problems. The female dragons are able to solve their problems easily. Unfortunately, those solutions might come at high cost. The male snake is wise enough to see that the solution is not a good one.

The wisdom characteristic of male snakes does help their relationship in many ways. It is highly required when the 2017 is finally coming. During this year, many problems will also come on their relationship. Instead of seeing it as obstacle, male snake tends to see it as test to their relationship. The jealousy of male snake turns him into overprotective to their female dragon. Unfortunately, female dragon does not like the feeling of being protect overly.

Dragon And Snake Love Compatibility

Dragon and snake compatibility is in general will work just fine. It might not be an ideal couple, but their relationship on 2017 will be an interesting story to tell. There is a good chance for any of them to cheat over their partner. It is mostly triggered by jealousy characteristic of snake and admiration hunger of the dragon.

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