Dragon Rooster Compatibility Love Match


Dragon Rooster Compatibility is interesting to explore and we will understand the character each other. Chinese astrology has been utilized since ancient time to study human character, life prospect, wealth, health, and love relationship. There are twelve animals as represent of astrology. Each of them have specific traits which are only compatible with specific partner. If you are rooster or dragon, this article will give insight how the both parties relate.

Twelve animals are in Chinese horoscope and only dragon is a myth. Someone may ask you about dragon and how to find it. Dragon is a symbol of prosperity, leader, and every high-level of human properties. Dragon is common animal for the decoration in palace. You will see snake-shape body with bold head. For your information, dragon is different to snake, though they share the same traits. What are characteristic of dragon? People with dragon as zodiac are the leader with excellent vision. You may say these people are already leader since they were born. However, dragon is over-confident. Some animals are able to get along well with dragon and the rest of them are completely bad combination.

Dragon Rooster Compatibility for Life and Love

Dragon Rooster Compatibility Love Match Predictions 2017

What do you think about rooster? This is animal that stays awake at the morning before everyone does. Rooster can be viewed as charming, hardworking, punctuality, and concern to the detail. You can identify person with rooster zodiac from the way he or she walk into the room. If everyone looks immediately, rooster starts to show off. Of course, that’s not bad sign, but rooster always prepare with skill. Other traits of rooster are attractiveness and humorous. From rooster characters, you can expect what happen in Dragon Rooster Compatibility

Male Dragon and Female Roster compatibility

Dragon Rooster Compatibility starts from exploring male and female in two parties. Dragon tends to be male because leader, brave, and aggressive are the masculine traits. Based on calculation and prediction, rooster is the best for dragon. As stated earlier, dragon likes to do big job and forget small thing. You can explain this condition from trait of leader. He likes to delegate minor and detail work then focuses to expanding his vision. Rooster will take care small thing from dragon, but keep him at check. Sometimes, a dragon step over live and a rooster is the only person with capability to bring back him into the right path.

Rooster has kind-hearted personality. However, the risk is not what rooster like when seeing the opportunity. Female rooster is charming and attractive, so everyone will fall to her easily. She can choose man at ease, but only strong and bold character can fill her heart. To match with her personality, man needs to be stronger in leadership. This is the character of dragon. Therefore, both parties will be excellent couples.

Female Dragon and Male Rooster Compatibility

As similar to male dragon, female has strong and brave characteristic. Of course, both terms are different from female view. In Dragon Rooster Compatibility, female dragon is also attractive and charming so male rooster is the most compatible partner for her life. Winning her heart is not easy and rooster is hard-working person that never gives up for just one rejection.

Female dragon and male rooster will receive ninety percent point to get along well. Both parties will be good couples in household, business, financial, and anything. Of course, there are some minor conflicts due to big ego. However, that is not big trouble.

Dragon And Rooster Compatibility

Dragon and rooster is perfect match in Chinese Zodiacs. Practitioner in Chinese Astrology recommends both parties to stay forever in life. Chinese Astrology is wisdom, knowledge, and art. From two animals, you can learn so many lessons. After thousand years of application, this knowledge accumulates into wisdom and art. Dragon Rooster Compatibility is one of the proofs that you can rely on this astrology to get more insight about life.

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