Dragon Pig Compatibility in Love Chinese Zodiac


Dragon pig compatibility in Chinese Zodiacs sometimes becomes people's reference to find their perfect match to build up a happy relationship. Some people have these two Chinese zodiacs. Well, it turns out that two people with these zodiacs are actually pretty conducive to have a relationship together. Their ability to enjoy and appreciate time together is the main personality that builds up the relationship.

For information, pig represents a lucky, care, and fun in general. Pig also has a good fortune. Besides, dragon represents a good power and authority in general. In some cases, these zodiacs are having difficulties in keeping their differences. However, the open-minded characteristic by both of them is really helpful for each other to understand and continue their relationship.

Dragon Pig Compatibility in Love Match

Dragon Pig Compatibility Love 2017


Dragon pig compatibility at first actually works from their friendship. They both make a perfect friendship because pig is really easy-going and cheerful. On the other hand, dragon is good listener and always care to people that he/she loves.

Male Dragon and Female Pig Compatibility

Overall, the difference in dragon pig compatibility when it comes to different gender, it is not really changeable since they still have quite same personalities. Yet, male dragon tends to be more easy-going and has more patience. It will more likely suit female pig that's sometimes temperamental and spoil.

In addition, female pig is considered as quite lazy. However, when she is confident on something and has an obvious goal to achieve, she can be a hard-worker and reliable. These personalities are matched with the male dragon that can always love and give some motivation to his couple. Male dragon is also a caring and lovely person who can understand his couple in most of the times.

Moreover, the female pig is really loyal and she can always make the male dragon feel needed. They can coordinate well together to achieve common goals. However, the male dragon can be fierce in some situations of time, whereas the female pig is highly sentimental. If they both don’t try to protect their relationship together, it might be a fall or an end for their relationship.

Female Dragon and Male Pig Compatibility

When we are talking about maturity, male pig has it all. He has his strong principle and charm. His humor and gentle characteristics make women crave for male pig. On the other hand, the strong-minded and mysterious characteristics by female dragon initiate the curiosity of male pig of her. They both make a strong and unbreakable relationship which generally dragon pig compatibility ends in good situation.

However, the male pig is quite arrogant and materialistic. These characteristics are not really suitable with female dragon that has low-key and innovative personalities. In addition, female dragon is quick-temper and over confident to something. This trait is not really suitable for male pig that is realistic and also easy to angry. However, when the relationship between these two zodiacs has been maintained well through some years, both of them will openly understand each other’s flaws.

Dragon and Pig Compatibility

In fact, the things to keep the relationship between dragon and pig zodiac are their patience and highly cooperation in understanding each other disabilities and flaws. The dragon might try to control the pig in some way, while the pig wants time to be alone. Well, this kind of problem might be mess up the dragon pig compatibility. In the other words, maintaining the relationship by being supportive to each other and being open-mind to other’s perspective is the best way to keep the relationship. Moreover, they should keep the trust to each other if they want a long lasting goal.

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