Chinese Zodiac 1949 in 2017 for Love, Career, and Health


Chinese Zodiac 1949 is a year of the birth of Earth Ox. This Chinese zodiac sign has particular characteristics that make them different with other zodiacs. Earth Ox can be described as zodiac sign with the strong sense of responsibility, prudent and honest. This is the Zodiac that is also known for being independent, determinate, strong and diligent.

To be honest, Earth Ox has strong patriotism and ambitions for life although they also care a lot about their family. Basically, Earth Ox represents the characteristics of conservative yet they do still care about building career because of strong desire to advance. Unlike some Zodiac signs, Earth Ox is know for great patience. This is basically the reason why they are able to achieve the goals through consistent effort. For particular women Earth Ox, they have the characters to be faithful and traditional wives who care a lot of their education of their children.

Chinese Zodiac 1949 Life for Earth Ox

Chinese zodiac 1949 earth ox

  • Career Life

The Chinese Zodiac 1949 Earth Ox will have a prosperous year in the 2017 no matter what kind of career they have and build. To be precisely said, there will be a lot of useful opportunities for the Earth to develop their career and fewer obstacles. In fact, it will be so much easier to get agreement and approval from the employee. In other words, the chances to get a promotion are getting bigger.

And if you are as Earth Ox ready enough to face more challenges, change your jobs or apply for better positions in other companies. Who knows maybe you have good enough fortune to get better salary and more challenging jobs at the new company?  

  • Health

Unfortunately, Chinese Zodiac Ox will have not so good health condition. In other words, Earth Ox will be more likely to get into accidents especially the female Earth Ox. The accidents also include being bitten by wild animals. Therefore, if you have agenda for outdoor activities on the weekend, you need to be extra careful. If you decide to ride your car alone, make sure to obey all the traffic rules and be more aware on the road. If you encounter difficulties, do not hesitate to ask for help especially from your family. Or, it is also a great idea to do outdoor activities with your family that can take care of you.

  • Love Life

Well, the Chinese Zodiac 1949 Earth Ox will not have any improvements in love life in the year 2017. It is not that there will be a lot of issues in the relationship. It is just that Earth Ox will put more focus and efforts to build a career so there will be fewer improvements in their relationship. And, even though there is a chance for break up, it is important for Earth Ox to stay cool and patient especially when disagreements occur. But if you think of getting married in 2017, then get married but do not rush the process.   

  • Wealth

Good news because the Chinese Zodiac 1949 Earth Ox will have a lot of improvements in wealth. It means that the chances to increase saving are high due to good career development. As for people having the business, they will have chances to expand the markets and sell more products. However, if you tend to be careless this year, you may have to face chances of losing some wealth. Therefore, make sure to do analysis and research before you make the decisions that affect your career and business.
Although there are some unfortunate things and incidents that may happen in 2017. The Chinese Zodiac 1949 Earth Ox will pretty much have a good life in 2017.

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