1952 Chinese Zodiac Fortune and Challenges in 2017


1952 Chinese Zodiac Water Dragon is the only imaginary animal in Chinese Zodiac sign. As the name suggests, this zodiac sign is described as vigorous, farsighted and persevering person. Although being the only imaginary animal but Dragon is actually the most powerful beast.

Among characters, there are some not to good characters as Dragon is known for possessing sharp tongue. In fact, some people still think that Dragon can control everything with their ambition and dominance. Dragon may be the only zodiac sign with high confidence and enthusiast. They are gift with tenacity, intelligence, and courage. Challenges are not something that will make them afraid because they are willing to take any risks. That is the reason why people under this zodiac sign is said to be aggressive, arrogant and irritating. In fact, they do not care about criticism if they are angry.

1952 Chinese Zodiac Life for Water Dragon

1952 Chinese Zodiac Dragon

  • Career Life

Good news for 1952 Chinese Zodiac Water Dragon because the upcoming career life will be smooth. There will be a lot of opportunities to develop a career. And during the whole process, it will be more likely for Dragon to maintain good relations with friends and colleagues. This relation is the thing that Dragon needs especially an urgent situation where Dragons need help.

However, there will be still some chances of conflict to arise caused by the difference in opinions. So, Dragons have to stay calm to avoid further conflict. If there is a chance to be transferr to the different department, you can grab the chance as long as you posses the skill to handle the new workload in the new department.

  • Health

1952 Chinese Zodiac Water Dragon may have to face chances of getting into accidents especially the male Water Dragon. Basically, it is important to stay alerted and be careful all the time when going outside the house especially when it is related to driving the car. The chances of road accidents are quite high so you have to be more careful. It is important to obey all the rules to avoid getting injured especially on your head. And, make sure to watch your physical condition because there will be many invitations for gathering and events.

  • Love Life

Great news for 1952 Chinese Zodiac Water Dragon because people under this zodiac sign including you, will be more popular among all the opposite sex. However, if you are already in a relationship, this is not a good thing because it will cause issues in your relationship. Therefore, make sure to stay in the safety zone when it comes to interacting with opposite sex. If you are a man, it is important to know the woman well before building a relationship with her. There will be the chance for you to get into a love triangle. And if you are already married, make sure to hold any temptations to have further interaction with opposite s 3 x.

  • Wealth

1952 Chinese Zodiac Dragon will encounter a chance to accumulate wealth. And it can done using the intuition. If you are a Water Dragon who wants to make radical change, consider resigning from your current job and start your own business. But make sure that you are not only investing in the new business but also being involve in the management. This way, you can optimize your chances to increase your wealth by having more savings.
As the conclusion, there will be ups and downs that this zodiac has to face. Therefore, it is necessary to be wiser, thorough and more detailed before making any decision. Despite willing to take any risk, it is wise for the 1952 Chinese Zodiac Water Dragon to not take unnecessary risks.

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