Rooster Fortune for People Born In 1957 Chinese Zodiac


1957 Chinese zodiac has an interesting aspect to explore, especially for the rooster. As you know, people who were born in 1957 will get zodiac as fire rooster. Chinese Astrology is more than the tool to tell fortune to people, but also wisdom and knowledge. Since ancient time, this stuff gave wise advice for people to handle life problems such as love, married, work, health, and career. One animal represents one year and zodiac consists of twelve animals, which each of them have sub-element. For example, the rooster has fire, earth, wood, water, and metal. Therefore, 1957 is fire rooster and next section will explore three important aspects in human life from the fortune of fire rooster.

Fortune for Rooster in 1957 Chinese Zodiac

1957 chinese zodiac Rooster

  • Love and relationship

Love is the most interesting subject in human life. Chinese Zodiac is able to tell a person from this view to guide into the better path. As usual, love is not easy to explain, but you have to be very keen to understand to see behind the curtain. Before exploring about love, knowing rooster personality is the most basic step at all.

1957 Chinese zodiac for rooster can be determined from the way rooster behave and its personality. People with rooster tend to be strong, independent, energetic, and attractive. For your information, the rooster is an animal that likes to show off. It is quite unpleasant when this attitude shows in a bad moment. However, the rooster is right leader to handle challenging task. The idle and steady job is not rooster way. This matter affects the way rooster sees love and life.

1957 Chinese zodiac in love and relationship depends on personality, trait, and characteristic. Rooster will fin true friend that transform into their soul mate for life. Rooster is attractive, personality and appearance; so many people will come to stay close. However, rooster might ignore the true person with real love. For compatibility, the ox is the most compatible partner for the rooster, particularly for love.

1957 Chinese Zodiac Fire Rooster

  • Wealth and career

In the Chinese zodiac, two animals are a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Rooster and dragon represent a wealth of human life. Rooster might not be as strong as the dragon to attract wealth, but still strong enough to increase wealth and career. People with rooster have good luck and fortune in fire rooster year.

1957 Chinese zodiac gives much energy for the rooster to increase their career. Ambition, strong willingness, and excellent judgment are traits of the rooster. In 1957, those traits manifest into reality. Chinese Zodiac is like a circle which fire rooster comes again in 2017. If you are from 1957, age will be sixty-year-old. You still get many good fortunes from that year. The good side about fire rooster is excellent wealth in middle age era. This means you already step into the period to increase wealth and prosperity.

  • Health

1957 Chinese zodiac rooster cannot show good side for every aspect. Health is the most critical aspect at all. From previous fortune, you know rooster is full energy in his or her own year. Career and wealth are in the good side. Unfortunately, excessive energy will affect vital organ such as the heart. You are no longer young with fierce energy to handle every work. Try to delegate work to people with right compatibility. Rooster has leadership trait to lead people into a right destination.

1957 Chinese zodiac will provide good guidance to maintain health. The heart will have trouble so diet and exercise are right options to keep the body in good condition. Eat healthy foods and reduce junk food. Fruits and vegetables will bring great effect to the body. Do not forget to do exercise regularly. Having a ton of work at hand affects not any physical, but also the mental state. You need to get vacation or holiday. Stress will be easy to come in fire rooster year due to excess work, plan, and energy. It is better to bring the right partner to ease everything. Money can buy medicine but not health. Therefore, you will balance in every aspect of life in order to stay positive and fine at rooster year.

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