1959 Chinese Zodiac Earth Pig and All Its Characters


1959 Chinese zodiac belongs to Earth Pig. People who were born between February 08, 1959 to January 27, 1960, belong to this zodiac.  Pig is the 12th in the cycle of Chinese zodiac signs. The circle repeats every 12 years, so you will find people born in 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, and soon under this sign.  The following are several clues for people who were born under Pig sign, especially people who were born in 1959.

Clues for People under 1959 Chinese Zodiac

1959 Chinese Zodiac Earth Pig

  • Career

1959 Chinese zodiac with Pig as its sign is full of unique people. Pigs are very sociable, so no wonder that they usually have a good interpersonal network. Furthermore, pigs are strong with a sense of time. They can depend upon on their punctuality. They are very responsible and competent to every job assigned to them. However, they are too serious about their jobs that they sometimes got psychical harms accidentally.

Pig is known as warm-hearted and gentle people. Furthermore, they are very sociable and have a good network. For the reason, they are very suitable for social related jobs, such as in welfare programs or social charity. They are also able to be great teachers, health care providers, scientists, technologists, engineers, and writers. The earth pig should avoid jobs that have relation with financial. This is because of pig character that is gullible in nature.  

  • Wealth

1959 Chinese zodiac might be able to amass great wealth in their life. But in their youth, the pig has to do relatively hard word to survive their daily life because their luck is only moderately imbued to their early life. As they grow, their luck increases and middle age will be their lucky years. Moreover, they have the chance to be very successful as they could take examples from others who have lots experiences. As a whole, related to wealth, the pig is very lucky.


1959 Chinese zodiac as Earth pig is usually good at managing money. They often get a big windfall in their life. Well, these are not lottery matters, but as fruits of their hard work. As they are often hard worker, no wonder that they often live in richness in their ripe years. To sum up, pig’s strength is their honesty, gentleness, good temper, big heart, and their loyalty.  They have downsides, though such as their short-tempered, sluggishness, and their naivety.

  • Love    

People with 1959 Chinese zodiac sign, regarding love, are not as good as their wealth. They are not a master of love since they are conservative people regarding love. Due to this character, they are often regarded as a late bloomer. They are slow in meeting their loved one. However, once they meet their matches, they can be count on their loyalty.  

The perfect matches for the Pig are Rabbits, Tiger and Pig Compatibility, and Sheep. With the symbols, Pig could always find a solution for their love problems. For the reason, they could have the great marriage. They share lots similarities in their goals and values. Therefore, their life will be spiced up with all of them. The symbols that should be avoided by the Pig are Monkeys and Snakes. Pig has a lucky number of 2, 5, and 8. As for their lucky colors, they have gray, brown, yellow, and gold. Their lucky directions are northeast and southeast.  

  • Health

For the people who were born under the Chinese zodiac of Pig, the year of 2017 will bring average fortune to them. Good signs will show up to those who have a business. They will have pleasant news in their wealth or career as well as the health. Though so, they need to pay more attention to their interpersonal relationship.

Those are several clues for people who were born under 1959 Chinese Zodiac. Hopefully, there will be good signs for all of you.    

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