Interesting Clues for Chinese Zodiac Year 1962


Chinese zodiac year 1962 is Water Tiger. Tiger is the 3rd zodiac in the Chinese zodiac signs. People who are influenced by this signs born, for example in 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022 and soon. Chinese zodiac year 1962 people are very active and roam a wide area of living. They are also brave people. Though active, they always act cautiously. They always firm in their decisions. Once they make up their mind, they will never back down. They never play around with their goal. When they set the goal, they will pursue it to the max. They are loyal to their friends, though not so loyal as to their own goals. They will not avoid obstacles (or blame other people) when problems are on their ways in pursuing their end. However, they always want to conquer it.

The Fortune of Chinese Zodiac Year 1962

Chinese Zodiac Year 1962 Water Tiger

Chinese zodiac year 1962which is represented by water Tiger sign presents several clues. They are described as follows.

  • Career

People with Tiger zodiac are always straightforward. They are always frank to their cause and do not mind to speak it out. For the reason, they rarely do any diplomatic approach to get their job done. A gifted Tiger is never satisfied just with one working environment.  They do not want to get stuck in just one career or business in their life, so you will see them frequently make job-hopping. They always aim at big companies as they could fully express their abilities. The chance to get promote to higher and better positions is relatively easy to them. Though they have excellent capabilities, they have also their downsides. They are not team players, so they are not always heeding on their colleagues.

To sum up, people with Chinese zodiac year 1962 have their strength and weakness. The strength characters of people under this zodiac are brave, loyal, trustworthy, virtuous, intelligent, and tolerant. Their weaknesses are traitorous, hasty, short-tempere, and arrogant.

Chinese zodiac year 1962 people or the Tigers are born as managers and leaders. They are always the ones on the top, no matter what business or career would be. They will never satisfied with only one job option. Tiger wants to always have new challenges that suit to their relentless drive. The suitable jobs for Tigers are including catering, cultural, judicial, official, literature, medicine, and government.

  • Love Life of Tiger

Tiger is the best suite with Horse, Pig, and Dragon and Tiger Compatibility.  They are an ideal partner for Tiger. Tiger with one of them may encourage and help each other. Ultimately, they can be the best lovers with a lasting relationship. They have the common interest in money and life as they are all ambitious people. However, they have a chance to have an enduring and good life. Tiger should not have love relation with Snake, Tiger, Ox, or Monkey. They just cannot compromise to each other, so there will always clashes between them that ultimately lead to a breakup.

  • Wealth

Water Tiger has a lucky number of 1, 3, and 4. Their lucky colors are white, blue, gray, and orange. Their lucky directions are east, south, and southeast. Overall, the Tigers in the year of 2017 will have quite good opportunities. Their jobs will good as ever, and even there will be signs of salary increase and promotion. In the year 2017, people who born in the year of Tiger may have big luck in the matter of their wealth.   

So, now you have it. Those are several interesting clues for people who were born in Chinese zodiac year 1962 (the Year of Tiger). It can be your reference to know your fortune in this year.

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