1968 Chinese Zodiac as Earth Monkey Sign


1968 Chinese Zodiac belongs to the Earth Monkey. The personalities of Earth Monkey can be described in three words, optimistic, frank and fearless. With a strong Earth element influence, it is true that this zodiac becomes the most serious yet moderate of all the Monkey signs. Actually, the Earth Monkey has different personalities than other Monkeys. They tend to be more compassionate, having a caring attitude and conventional thinking that dominate their lives.

Actually, these zodiac signs have great personalities like being capable of controlling emotion. They are also capable to not let any distractions bother their lives. If you are among the people under this zodiac signs, you certainly know how dependable and honest you are. You also have strong tendency to care and concern for others genuinely which makes you a very potential person to make a great contribution to others. With the personal ambition of yours, it will be more likely for you to make great achievements.

1968 Chinese Zodiac Life in 2017

1968 Chinese Zodiac Earth Monkey

  • Career

1968 Chinese Zodiac Earth Monkey career life is pretty good only with a lot of hard work. Exactly, this will be the year that all Monkeys have to work hard to build the career and make achievements. If you are lucky enough, you will have someone to help you and assist you achieving your goals in the career. Make sure to seize any potential opportunities to develop your career. For instance, you can start by expanding market for the products you sell to many other places. Or, you can make some business trips to make new business deals. As for female monkey particularly, avoid close contact or interaction with male colleagues to avoid misunderstanding and possible conflict.  

  • Health

Good news for 1968 Chinese Zodiac Earth Monkey because in 2017, you will have a good health condition. The year of 2017 will be a better year compared to last year that was filled with bad luck. However, you will have to face some remaining bad luck before the summer. Therefore, you have to live a healthy lifestyle, diet if you need any and more exercise to stay healthy and in shape. You can start by doing simple exercises like walking with family or friends. Pay attention to what you eat because it will affect your health condition. It is important to eat more fruits and veggies.

  • Love

Be glad because 1968 Chinese Zodiac Earth Monkey will have pretty much good love life. For married Monkey particularly, it is important to avoid close contact with any opposite sex as it can lead to family conflict. Good news for single female monkey because you will be likely to meet good match this year. Just like what other females do, make sure that the male is single before you start a relationship. As for the single female monkey, the opportunity to be in a relationship is also pretty much good.

  • Fortune

1968 Chinese Zodiac Earth Monkey will experience good opportunities to make more saving and get unexpected income. As you make achievements in your career, you will have a good reward that can be added into your saving. Make sure to thank everyone who will be helping you this year because someone will. The other good news is if you have made the investment because it will be more likely for you to get more profit from it. However, it is necessary to consult with seniors before you make a major decision regarding your investment.  
Now that the possibilities in 2017 will be pretty good, there should be nothing major to worry about. Be calm because you and any other 1968 Chinese Zodiac Earth Monkeys will have a great time this year.

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