1970 Chinese Zodiac Fortune Telling


1970 Chinese zodiac is the year of the metal dog. So, according to Chinese astrology people who were born in that year are the members of metal dog. 1970 entered its year of the dog on February 6th up to January 26th, 1971. The characteristic of those who were born in 1970 under dog sign is said, to be honest, and loyal. They have the characteristic of being kind, prudent, amiable, and cautious. Since these kinds of people have a strong sense of sincerity and loyalty, they will give the best effort to do everything to others, especially for those who are important to them. Referring to dog’s characteristic, there will explain the prediction of their fortune in 2017.

Career, Finance, Love, and Health of 1970 Chinese Zodiac in 2017

1970 Chinese Zodiac Metal Dog

  • Career

1970 Chinese zodiac in this year will be foretold first regarding the career. As you entering the year of chicken of 2017, you should know that chicken can bring the opportunity to make money to you. When people under dog sign meet chicken, they will receive wealth happily and be able to make donations. However, if you have already been busy in the current state, it is better not to take more responsibility.

How is about the job change? When you are offered a new job or if there is a chance for promotion in your career, you better skip that opportunity. Why? It seems that in near future you will not be able to make a perfect result. It is going to take a long cycle of development to see your outstanding achievement.

  • Finance

1970 Chinese zodiac prediction of this year in term of finance, you are predicted to have more stable finance this year. If this is compared to the previous years, your financial state will be balanced in 2017. This is going to be the best opportunity to make use the money to save and to pay all your debts if you have some.

Saving money is necessary and important for you. There would be likely unexpected expenses or needs in the future. Therefore, by ensuring that you have already saved some money in current time will help and save you in the future. If you want to invest, avoid any risky investment since it could cause some money loss.

  • Love and social relationship

1970 Chinese zodiac forecasts that in the year of chicken, chicken and dog have an only a little attraction. However, if you look for love, you should not be aggressive too much when you approach new friends. If you are already in love, you will need some patients in order to build a deeper relationship. For a married dog, this year you have a stable love relationship.

It is said that your relationship in the social circle is okay. During this chicken cycle, your old or new friends are going to bring joyful moments to you. You should not focus on your own performance and expression too much. Also, you must not forget the feelings of others. Once you do it, some of your friends will keep the distance from you.

  • Health

1970 Chinese zodiac in term of health is predicted to be not in the best feeling or condition during the early time of 2017. As the time goes by, your year would get better to the point that you have much energy than usual. You can use this extra energy to do some exercise for health purpose. According to the Chinese zodiac Dog 2017, this year will also be a good start for diets. Besides, you should also not to forget to control your stress.

In 2017, dogs can be more active and stable in some areas. Even though there are also several things with not really pleased prediction, you do not need to worry. Use every chance in your life to always do the right thing to do. As a person with 1970 Chinese zodiac, it is already your time to be wiser in life.

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