1971 Chinese Zodiac Luck in the Year of Rooster 2017


1971 Chinese zodiac will be presented for you regarding the prediction in love, health condition, finance, and work life. Anyway, what is the Chinese zodiac for the year of 1971? It is the year of the Metal pig. So, people born at that year are those who were born under the sign of metal pig based on Chinese astrology. These people now must be around 47 years old already.

The characteristic of them is generous, diligent, and compassionate. One surprising point is that they apparently have a great concentration. It is not astonishing that after they have a goal to be set, they will use all energy to achieve it. Moreover, pigs are usually quite calm when they are facing trouble. So, what is their luck for this year? Keep reading the following description.

What Does 1971 Chinese Zodiac Predict this Year?

1971 Chinese Zodiac Metal Pig

  • Love

1971 Chinese zodiac pig will have an advanced relationship due to the closer emotions you have this year. You probably will feel alone at a few times as the sign that indicates you need time to think more about your relationship. Sometimes, you also need to take a step back to look at the relationship you have. Look at different point of view in order to truly understand.

When it comes to a social relationship, at first it seems that it moves slowly, but actually it will be advancing this year. In term of friends, they can go and come anytime. So, you need to improve some social skills and talk to people to make friends. For married pig, if you have a plan to have a child, you better discuss it first about the pregnancy.

  • Health condition

1971 Chinese zodiac also predicts your health condition in the current year of Rooster. This 2017 you will have sufficient energy to do anything you like to do. This can happen for those who are young relatively. Even if you are older, you will also have the energy to spare. Do not forget to watch your lifestyle and diet as well.

As pigs, you may do move more. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you have to take some fatty or sugary foods to fill yourself. It is better to smartly do anything you like to stay being active. Chinese zodiac suggests you not to get bored easily and not to waste the energy you have.

  • Finance

1971 Chinese zodiac in term of finance, you who were born under pig sign have to makes sure first that you pay off all debts you have. There is also a suggestion for you to increase financial security more. You can do it by paying for things that should be paid firsts. Put aside the amount of money for pleasure purposes as well. By doing all this, you will be safer in general.

Besides, you probably feel like having the ability to get more money. You can bring more extra income only if you are able to show passion and enthusiasm at work. During summer time of this year, your luck in money is said to be great as well.

  • Work life

1971 Chinese zodiac shows the implication of a bit uncertainty in your career future. It seems that you expect to have career achievement as good as possible. Due to this expectation, you might become too much confident with career performance you have. Know well what you do and execute it right. In term of finance, you are said to have it better during summer. This does the same for your better career as well during summer.

Referring to all fortune telling of your luck in 2017, you will do better generally in summer of this year. Do not force yourself to take the new opportunity if you do not know how much you are capable of. Nevertheless, always think positive, be optimistic, and never give up regardless all said about your luck. You are the decision maker of every challenge in your life and good luck under 1971 Chinese zodiac.

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