Ox Chinese Zodiac Sign for 1973


Chinese zodiac sign for 1973 will be explored for people with Water Ox as Zodiac. As you know, 1973 is a year of ox and 2017 is the year of the rooster. Both animals have a strong and great relationship. You will know the further information in the next section such as love, wealth, career, and health.

It is good to know personality and characters of Ox before exploring more about them. Chinese Zodiacs consist of twelve animals and Ox is placed in second after Rat. Ox characters' are honest, strong, diligent, and determined. Such traits have a strong affinity with nature, which is the good side of Ox. However, Ox is not perfect because some traits are not good. There is dependable, consistency, and stubborn. If you ask Ox to change, they may do after more than three times you remaining. In 2017 Chinese Zodiac Ox will face many good and bad situations that need their utmost effort and attention to handle.

Fortune of Ox in 2017 Chinese Zodiac Sign for 1973Chinese Zodiac Sign for 1973

  • Love and relationship

Chinese zodiac sign for 1973 will be discussed from love and relationship aspect. People create a relationship through communication. Unfortunately, Ox is timid and shy to start the conversation. These particular traits might relate to the lack of motivation to move into a new era. The convenient zone is the most favorite part of Ox. Of course, this matter is no good for future.

In 2017, Ox still has a steady relationship with the partner. Romantic is not their virtue, so it is up to the partner to build strong feeling toward ox. For single, you do not have to worry about love. Starting from friends then move into a deep relationship. It takes time, but still good for Ox. Actually, there is no dramatic change in Ox's life when coming for love and relationship. However, it depends solely on their partner. Rat, Monkey, and Rooster are the best match for Ox. Rooster will be a source of happiness for Ox and 2017 is the year of the rooster.

  • Career and prosperity

Chinese zodiac sign for 1973 will go for career and prosperity. People live in the world for three things. They want health, wealth, and love. Wealth means many things. It might be gold, money, house, business, career, even children. How about the wealth of Ox in 2017? It is time to start a new business for Ox. In spite of tamed and shy personality, Ox is also good in investment. He or she will make an extreme calculation to avoid loss in the future. 2017 is their time to put money into good investment.

Chinese zodiac sign for 1973 in wealth also relates to career. Ox is an excellent person to do the steady and high-precision job. They are an engineer, pharmacy, carpenter, and doctor. In 2017, the career will be as good as the business. Promotion may take place in 2017 as a reward for a long period of hard working. If you plan to resign, it might not be a good time. Finding a new job for Ox is not easy. You should embrace what you get now and wait for new wealth come.

  • Health

The last thing for life is health. You have much money and gold but cannot buy health. People try hard to stay healthy through many ways. Naturally, Ox is strong and difficult to get the trivial disease. Your immune system is strong, so weather is not a big problem.

Chinese zodiac sign for 1973 in health will concern to passion and work. Having good wealth and career leads to sacrifice the health. You work too hard and your body cannot keep with such rhythm. At the end, illness will come. Be careful for this matter to stay healthy in 2017.

All of the fortune for Ox contains the good and bad situation. 2017 is good for love and wealth, but not health. It is not malicious virus or bacteria that make Ox stay in bed. They need to concern about metabolism and eat good foods. Therefore, Chinese zodiac sign for 1973 shows what will happen for ox in 2017.

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