Fortune Teller for 1974 Chinese Zodiac


1974 Chinese zodiac will be for Wood Tiger which is interesting to explore. Tiger is the third animal in Zodiac after Rat and Ox. You are surely familiar with a tiger as an animal in the jungle. Solitary, strong, brave, and bold are the traits of the tiger. In this article, you will see the fortune of Tiger from three views. There are love, wealth, and health. As you know, 1974 is the year of the wood tiger.

Chinese Zodiacs use an animal to represent human characteristic. There are twelve animals, which each of them belong to one year. As human, personality, and characteristics are not perfect. There is a good and bad side that become crucial in life, including Tiger. In general, Tiger is a person with the ability to speak anything without hesitation. This strong characteristic might not good for certain people. However, Tiger is an excellent person for a leader to reach the goal. You should embrace Tiger when start taking a step to solving the problem. They know what to do and how it works.

Fortune of 1974 Chinese zodiac for Tiger

1974 Chinese Zodiac Wood Tiger

  • Love and relationship

1974 Chinese zodiac wood tiger, which means it is not too bold as another tiger. Wood is nature element with strong affinity to the jungle. In term of love, Tiger likes to have a romantic event with the partner. However, the tiger is stubborn, so it takes a while to soothe feeling and mind. Tiger requires a partner with flexible and playful personality.

2017 is a good year for the tiger. Love starts to bloom and a single person will get attention from opposite sex. As you know, 2017 is the year of a rooster which gives benefit for the tiger to plan married in this year. If you just plan to marry the important person in life then 2017 is time to implement. For married couple, love is still in the top level. It might be a good time to have a baby. However, the certain issue is dangerous regarding love affair. Tiger is a passionate character when coming into love. You should be careful not to take the wrong step when someone tries to take the wrong path, particularly love.

  • Wealth and career

1974 Chinese zodiac shows the good side of love, but good enough for wealth. Tiger is suitable to be a leader, so they may take a career as manager or director. Being subordinate is not their characteristic. Therefore, conflicts between employee and employers often happen. You should be careful about this matter to prevent financial loss.

1974 Chinese zodiac is not bad in business, but Tiger always needs to take more attention when someone invites to join into investment. For some reason, the tiger is easy to enter into fancy proposition without taking a preventive measurement. 2017 is a tough year, but only the most careful period when involving business, wealth, and career. Promotion may take in this year as payment of your favor in past. To overcome the problem, you may consider learning a new skill or having proper knowledge about the new field. Tiger is keen to learn new thing, so there is nothing wrong for new skill ahead.

  • Health

Love is in favor, but not for wealth. How is about health? Tiger is an animal with strong affinity to nature. It is difficult to catch a simple cough and flu, but still vulnerable to the digestive system. In 2017 Chinese zodiac Tiger needs to maintain food intake in balance. Disease and illness may not come, but the risk is still high.

1974 Chinese zodiac for health is in a neutral state but slightly turns into bad side. You may get the help from others to overcome health situation. Stress is a great danger for Tiger in 2017 due to career and business problem. Take good sleep at night and always eat breakfast regularly.
Tiger might be the king of the jungle, but there are still some bad sides. In spite of excellent figure and strong personality, Tiger also needs others to accomplish goal or purpose. Wealth and health are not quite in Tiger side in 2017, but they may enjoy having a good relationship. Therefore, 1974 Chinese zodiac shows Tiger from three essential views in 2017.

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