Chinese Zodiac Signs 1983 for Pigs in 2017


Chinese zodiac signs 1983 are represented by Water Pig. If you happened to be born in this year or its circle (19971, 1995, 2007, 2019, and so on), you are people who were born under the sign of Pig. Pig is the 12th or the last in the Chinese zodiac signs. People who were born in the year of Pig are known to be benevolent, helpful, and really cautious in their acts.  

Chinese zodiac signs 1983 are really interesting to look into in this 2017. There are several aspects of the zodiac signs which would be cool to know. Overall, Pig will have a really smooth life in the beginning of the year. But, you might get bad news in the form of gossips which spread like fire in time of draught. This would make you worry. The key to the problem is to stay calm and poised, and you will get your smooth way again.

Chinese Zodiac Signs 1983 for Pigs

Chinese Zodiac Signs 1983 Pig

There will be a good sign for Pig in 2017. If in 2016 you were really fortunate by the presence of a lucky star, in this 2017 you are to be cautious for you have the risk of colliding with the star of Dog. It is to be advised that you should really careful in using any tools or other mechanical equipment as you might have the risk of injuring yourselves. In addition, you are prone to get injured along this 2017.

  • Career Life

As about career, Pigs should be cautious in this 2017. In this year, you are prone to have a riff with your boss or your business partners. You should also beware of slick people who will betray you in no notice. But be brave; you can handle your problem and you can expect a happy ending.

  • Health

Unfortunately for people with Chinese zodiac signs 1983, in this 2017, they are prone to have injuries and accidents. So be careful in doing your activities, works, or exercises. Pay more attention to your health and do not phone or text somebody while driving. If you have symptoms of sickness, please check it immediately to your doctor.  

  • Financial

There are going to be good signs financially for Chinese zodiac signs 1983. You will have tons of lucrative works. But you should also be able to manage your financial conditions as to not out of control. You should be sure that your spending is not bigger than the fortune you earn.

Lucky days of Chinese zodiac signs 1983 for Pigs are 3, 8, 5, 35, and 88 according to the Chinese dating system. Meanwhile, Pigs’ lucky number is 5388.

  • Pig’s Love Life

For you who already have your couples, this 2017 is a really good year for you to get married. This is your unification year. For you who are still single, this year, unfortunately, is not your time to find your sweetheart, but you will get good news that there will be an ideal person for you. You need to grab this good chance, so be wise and keep your conducts.  

So far, those are several predictions of Pigs in this 2017. The predictions are base on your birthday according to the Chinese calendar and the corresponding signs. Well, you can see, there are up and down in life for Chinese zodiac signs 1983 in this 2017. But, whatever the prediction said. You got to determined and firm in your targets. There will always ways to make your days great, no matter what the prediction said. So, are you ready to face the New Year for a better and meaningful life?

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