1985 Chinese Zodiac for Ox in 2017


1985 Chinese zodiac of Wood Ox is the second sign of Rat in the 12 Chinese zodiac signs. People who were born in 1973, 9185, 1997, 1999, 2008 were influenced by this sign. Here, you will find the overall prediction of the Ox. You will find your luck, spouse, and wealth of your Ox sign. However, previously to explain the predictions, you should not use this prediction as rigid guidance in your daily life. Use it as an inspiration which could be a way to contemplate about yourself.

1985 Chinese Zodiac for Ox

1985 chinese zodiac OX

1985 Chinese zodiac for Ox in 2017, unfortunately, you have an undulating career and financial matter.You will have good months, but you also get the bad one. However, if you could do your jobs responsibly and you always keep your control, your luck will get better. You cab face the problems by yourself, so keep rein of yourself and keep move on. Laziness is your enemy.

  • Career

Along with this 2017, 1985 Chinese zodiac for Ox will give so fluctuating times. There will be lots changes in your career, your workplace, or your positions. There will be some of you who will have a rise and some other decrease. Some of them might make you feel uncomfortable. But, this times could be your foundation to firmly move ahead. The previous months of last year might be your unlucky months, but this time of year is your starting point in getting back your career on the track again.

  • Health

Your main hindrance in this 2017 for the Ox is about health. You are prone to lose your stamina and get sick. Your priority is keeping you healthy and robust by having good food and routinely doing your exercise. You need to hit the gym more frequent this year and drink lots water. There is health issue on your back due to too long of sitting. Just change your lifestyle, especially if you have the tendency to sit all day in your work.

  • Wealth

As about financial and wealth, you have come out of your gloomy times at the end of the year. Now, it’s time for you to reap the better results of your hard work. But be aware; do not overspend your fortune. You need to be able to manage your financial matters. Do not buy things just to quench your consumptive desires. Yes, just rein yourself. This time of the year is time for 1985 Chinese zodiac for Ox to learn more about self-control in financial matters.   

Talking about lucky days of 1985 Chinese zodiac, there will be several lucky days that fall on day 2, 6, 7, and 26, according to Chinese dating system. The Lucky days for the Ox fall on that mentioned days. So, you should be wise in deciding your important business matter or agreement. You might need to match the important occasions to that days to get the utmost of your ‘lucky’ level.

  • Love life of Ox

About love, people with Ox, unfortunately, are not so good. Along 2017, they have a weak love life. You might encounter problems among you and your partner. And that triggers are just from little matters. But do not worry as there will be no catastrophe that leads to separation. Your best friends will always support your relationships and want to keep the relationship intact. If you are single, you might need to open more in your social life. You might have a problem to find the suitable pairs. However, by opening up, the chance of getting the ideal match will be greater than ever.

Those are several predictions abut 1985 Chinese zodiac for Wood Ox in 2017. Hopefully, you could find benefits from this little explanation.     

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