Fortune of Chinese Zodiac Year 1987 in 2017


Chinese zodiac year 1987 is for the people who born under the protection of Rabbit. Meanwhile, the element for the year is fire. Compared to other zodiac signs, rabbits are considered as the most delicate one. People who were born during this year are commonly having kind nature. Rabbit is a good companion and always listening to others. The year of 2017 is the fire rooster. During this year, rabbits need to be aware of several aspects of their life. Here is fortune telling for fire rabbits.

Fortune Telling for Chinese Zodiac Year 1987

Chinese Zodiac Year 1987 Fire Rabbit

  • Love and relationship

Chinese zodiac year 1987 has a unique experience with their love and relationship. If you were born at this year, it means that in 2017 you will be 30 years old. Since most people married in their twenties, the age of 30 seems to be a critical year for your love and relationship. In the beginning of your marriage, you get to know each other. However, a few years later when you are 30 years old, problems on your marriage begin to emerge.

The marriage problems emerge from this situation is mostly related to both of your emotions. During this phase, it is advisable not to get carried away with the emotion. Controlling emotion is difficult to do. However, if you are able to manage your emotion when having a problem with your partner, then you will be able to find the solution for your marriage problem as well. Being aware of your emotion is the way to survive the year of fire rooster.

  • Wealth

Chinese zodiac year 1987 gives a nice picture of what will happen during 2017. Interesting things happen during the year of fire rooster. There are several ups and downs on your financial condition. Since most of your financial condition is declining, it is advisable to save your money on your highest point. The highest point of your wealth only happens three times. Those are the best times to conserve your money. Therefore, you will be prepared if our financial condition is going down.

  • Health

Chinese zodiac year 1987 deals with emotions problem during 2017. It seems that emotions bring many colors to the year. The health problems of fire rabbit are the mostly psychological problem instead of physical one. There are nothing much to be worried about your physical problem. Since the problem is related into your psychological, the physical aspect of your health affected by it is a skin condition. Prone acne seems to be popped up anywhere on your face.

The cause for the psychological problem here is related to your work. Your coworker might not do what they supposed to do. It drives you into a psychological state that will end up draining your energy. Again, do not get carried away with your emotion when you are working with such partner. If your partner does not do their duty correctly, you can just simply telling him afterward.

  • Career

Chinese zodiac year 1987 is mostly filled with good career options available. Your career might not as good as you expected. However, you already have secure career foundation. It is advisable to working with other people to strengthen your career. Do not afraid if you are losing your partnership. You still have plenty of money to cover the collateral.

Lucky for you since both rabbit and rooster are having the same elements. Most similar elements are usually enhancing each other. Most importantly, rooster and rabbits are closer than you might think. No wonder the fortune of fire rabbit is significantly increasing during the year of fire rooster. That is the fortune telling for Chinese zodiac year 1987.

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