1994 Chinese Zodiac as Dog and Its Fortune In 2017


1994 Chinese zodiac refers to the year of Dog. As you know, twelve animals occupy Chinese Astrology which dog is placed at the eleventh section. Each of years will have one animal as representative and 1994 is the year of dog. There are five elements in every animal. They are wood, metal, fire, water, and earth. Chinese Zodiac is more than astrology because this knowledge has been used since ancient time.

1994 Chinese zodiac is Wood Dog that comes in every sixty years. Three basic things for human life in fortune telling are love, wealth, and health. How is the dog in those aspects? To know each of aspects, you need to understand personality and characteristic of dog. From twelve animals, only dog that has a strong affinity with a human. Since long time ago, dog helped a human in many tasks such as hunting, military, guarding, etc. Those matters are the reasons to put a dog as close to human personality. You will find interesting stuff when those characters relate to love, wealth, and health.

Fortune of 1994 Chinese Zodiac as Dog

1994 Chinese Zodiac Dog

  • Love and relationship

The dog has kind heart, honest, and sense of justice. If you have a friend with Dog Zodiac, try to be kind because the dog is very sensitive. As usual, the dog is not perfect character because some bad sides occur in this zodiac. The dog is stubborn, so it is difficult to change what they do, even from close friend or partner. Do not worry about bad sides because dog is reliable and has good nature. They are born as a helper. This is the most excellent trait at all from dogs. Loyalty is what you get from a dog.

1994 Chinese zodiac will try to analyze how the relationship will go in 2017. For your information, 2017 is the year of fire Rooster. Having the tough year does not mean lack of love. For a single person, someone tries to find a way to have a deep relationship. The dog is persistent and difficult to express feeling. It is one of the bad sides that needs to take care intensively.

  • Wealth and career

2017 is a tough year for dog. The dog is not in good position to start a new business in fire rooster. Wealth, business, and career need to be put on hold when deciding to step into a new level. The dog is loyal and honest, but these traits are like a double edged sword. Many friends like your trait, but some of them will use those traits for their own benefit. When colleague or friend asks to join investment, you should be careful and try to do further research.

1994 Chinese zodiac in career might be not as bad as a business. Dog is a good person to be police, lawyer, accountant, and attorney. However, they will face many tasks that consume energy. It is not the right year for resigning because getting a new job cannot easily come in a short way. Financial loss is one of the problems in wealth, so be careful when spending and investing.

  • Health

1994 Chinese zodiac also provides fortune from health view. Health and wealth are two matters with a strong relationship. You will get excellent health because of feeling happy for prosperity. In 2017 Chinese Zodiac dog needs to be careful with minor health issues such as cold and flu. Usually, a dog is resistance to such things, but business and career problems affect deeply in health state.

Another major issue in health aspect is mental and stress. You do much work without produce enough money. This affects significantly to body balance. In order to keep health in the stable condition, it is better to control food intake and get much sleep at night.

Health, love, and wealth cannot be separated from a human. From those aspects, dog suffers many problems, so it is better to put on hold the plan or idea. Reduce stubborn trait then try to mend past mistake with honest and loyalty. Therefore, everything in 1994 Chinese zodiac for the dog is only to reach one purpose: a happy ending.

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