Fortune of 1996 Chinese Zodiac as Rat In 2017


1996 Chinese zodiac is the year of Fire Rat. There are twelve animals in Chinese Zodiacs, including rat.  When discussing the rat, you might picture dirty animal with no one cannot find the courage to touch. However, a rat in Chinese Zodiac is more than a dirty and bad animal. As a matter a fact, rats have interesting personality and trait.

Knowing personality and characteristic of Chinese Zodiac rat is important. Rat is smart, kind, versatile, and lovely. The latter word might be debatable, but you will find interesting part after reading this article. Lovely in the rat is the ability to adapt to any environment. You can find Rat in Asia, Europe, Africa, and America. Adaptable is an important trait in the modern era where everything changes quickly. Another trait is curiosity. The rat will take any opportunity to improve. In spite of good personality, rats also have a bad side. They tend to be opportunistic. Rat is not a good leader. It is a bad choice to pick the person with rat zodiac to be a leader.  

The Fortune of 1996 Chinese Zodiac as Rat

1996 Chinese Zodiac Rat

  • Love and relationship

1996 Chinese zodiac can be explored from three major aspects. There are love, wealth, and health. Love is more than the relationship between man and woman. Love also includes a relationship with friend, colleague, and partner. Is 2017 good year for a rat in term of love?

2017 is a good year for the rat to take the further step in love relationship. Consider wedding when you and partner are in a stable relationship. This year is a good time for the wedding. For single, do not rush anything before knowing more. Rat has the bad trait to rush without deep thinking. It might be good when the result is known and definite. However, love is more than the number that you calculate every time.

1996 Chinese zodiac in love and relationship is more favorable than others. Rat is also good in communication. They like to take chance for a friend, but opportunistic is the most difficult barrier at all. Therefore, try to ease for the moment when you see the opportunity that affects badly to close friends and partner.

  • Career and prosperity

1996 Chinese zodiac from wealth is interesting. Rat in 2017 is in a neutral position. For your information, Rooster might not a good friend for rat, but there is always opportunity. As a matter a fact, opportunity plays a crucial role in career and prosperity. From the neutral position, the rat is able to gain much wealth but have a risk to lose big. From wealth views, rat should consider the famous words in investment. Do not put all eggs in one basket. Opportunity is more than one or two, so try all of them.

As mentioned above, the rat is not a good leader, but more creative, which manager and director will consider. Neutral also applies in career so be careful. Promotion comes after hard work and excellent result in past time. If you want to resign, it is not a good time. Be careful with joining the business. You need to consider something unreasonable. Taking opportunity is not bad action, but consider other people feeling. You cannot cross the line in 2017. Donate to charity to remove bad luck

  • Health

1996 Chinese zodiac from health needs utmost attention. From all of the animal in Chinese Zodiac, the rat is the most vulnerable one. In real life, rat only gets a short life, but prosperity with many children. Simple disease and bacteria turn a rat into high trouble. Be careful with the digestive system. It is one of the vulnerable sides, besides skin. You need to eat properly and control fat. Rat is energetic with much activity. Carbohydrate and sugar are important, but not too much.

Lucky and unlucky comes in balance for Chinese Zodiac Rat in 2017. They are on the good side for love and relationship, but bad at health. However, both of aspects are not on the edge of the cliff, which can fall into the abyss. On the other hand, career and business are neutral so be careful with something unreasonable. Therefore, 1996 Chinese zodiac provides a comprehensive prediction to people with a rat in 2017.

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