The Fortune Telling for Chinese Zodiac 2002


Chinese zodiac 2002 is the sign of Water Horse. This animal occupies the seventh position based on Chinese astrology. Those who were born in that year must be around fifteen years old now. They are now growing as a teenager which is usually full of spirit. To be exact, 2002 is the year of water horse among five different types of horse. People who were born under the same sign are those born in 1990 and 2014.

In general, people under horse sign are included as energetic, active, and extremely animated. As horses, they are quite humorous and really love to be in crowded place. Sometimes, they can also be self-centered a bit but still, care for others. For water horse, they are said to be irritable, sentimental, but amicable and reliable. So, what does the luck of horse predict in 2017? Pay attention to the description below!

What Does Chinese Zodiac 2002 Foretell Your Luck this Year?

Chinese Zodiac 2002 Water Horse

  • Wealth

Chinese zodiac 2002 will give prediction related to the financial state in this section. Managing finance properly is necessary. Luckily, most horses are said to have good skill in handling money. If you were born under this animal sign, you will be able to enjoy better luck in wealth during the second half of this year.

You will also find yourself to take several calculated risks for this year. Chinese Zodiac Horse 2017 probably will need to use the unconventional means in order to gain attention. You might need it as well for getting ahead. It is predicted that you may have some trips or traveling which are unexpected. For this need, you better put aside some money. The financial opportunity could come from different directions.

  • Career

Chinese zodiac 2002 in work life seems to have a great change. You may also experience the extreme ones. If you are willing to work hard, do some innovation, and want to actively open the market, you will get help from others as well as get the opportunity for new cooperation. You should also widen your interpersonal network.

It would be better for you to talk less and work more for this year. When you reach some outstanding achievements, you should never be arrogant nor share this achievement with your team. This can help you avoid to be envied by them. You have to make the decision prudently in changing your job. The salary and duties might be inferior in a new job.

  • Love Life

Chinese zodiac 2002 foretells horses about their love life as well. In 2017, there is a prediction that single horses probably want to be more focus on study or work rather than being the focus in the relationship. It is not because of tedious relationship they probably have, but because of the unpredictable outcome. However, you could also pursue romance when you wish it.

If you are married horses, Chinese astrology predicts and gives suggestion to you about your marriage life. This year you need to be careful since there could be some gossips regarding your relationship. In social life, you can have a lot of friends since you are blessed with geniality and good humor.

  • Health

Chinese zodiac 2002 in term of health, it is foretold that you are going to have poor health condition this year. Therefore, you have to give special attention to your own health and the health of your family. If you happen to have the old illness, check it regularly in order to prevent the recurrence. Fortunately, the health problems can be solved eventually.

It seems that the year of rooster 2017 is going to be a good year for you. Many areas will give good luck for you, like in finance and work life. Even though you are predicted to have poor luck in health, you should be optimistic that everything will be okay. Regardless those predictions say, you have to live your life well and follow the right thing to do. As people under Chinese zodiac 2002, use your active energy as it should be.

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