Fortune of 2003 Chinese Zodiac as Sheep In 2017


2003 Chinese zodiac belongs to Water Sheep. There is controversy about naming Sheep as one of the Chinese Zodiacs. You may find Sheep as Goat or Ram. Instead of focusing to naming, all of them have a similar characteristic, which becomes crucial to determining future and fortune. Three aspects of life are explored in this matter. There are love, wealth, and health. Love includes a relationship with friends and family, married couple, etc. Wealthy are career, house, money, gold, and business.

2003 Chinese zodiac starts from knowing personality and traits of Sheep are important before taking further step to predict three subjects. Sheep is shy, kind hearted, timid, and hones. When you see Sheep, they like to stay in the group, which lack leadership. It might apply for sheep. However, Sheep also has similar traits, though the group is not as big as sheep. From this point, you know that Sheep is not a good leader and like to blend with crowded. He or she might be attractive, but prefer stays inconvenient zone to jump into the challenging area.

Fortune of Sheep in 2003 Chinese zodiac

2003 chinese zodiac Sheep

  • Love and relationship

2003 Chinese zodiac for love in 2017 is not quite favorable. It does not mean Sheep cannot get true love or happiness. For married couple, they will find difficulty in a financial situation that reduces intimacy. Such topic will be in next section. If you are single, starting a new relationship is not an easy task. Do not rush anything and try to understand opposite sex before confess your love.

How is about for wedding? 2017 is the year of fire rooster and 2003 is the year of water Sheep. Rooster and Sheep are not good combinations to create a relationship. For Sheep, they need to pick rabbit, pig, or rat. Rabbit and rat are energetic which excellent complimentary for Sheep. Fire element in 2017 is opposite side of the water element. As you know, fire and water are two elements that destroy each other. That is the reason why Sheep need to be calmer in 2017.

  • Wealth and career

2003 Chinese zodiac in wealth is similar to love. Fire Rooster prevents Sheep to get more money from any source. However, you do not have to feel down with this situation. Money and prosperity are still at a stable level. The real issue is the way you spend money. Sheep likes to go shopping.

Sheep is not good for self-promotion, but superior recognize your talent and ability. Hard working will come into the excellent result, though the reward is not what you expected. Be careful too when investing much money in 2017. Try to analyze business proposal before invest it. It is good to spread investment into many forms such as gold, bank account, stock, foreign exchange, and property.

  • Health

2003 Chinese zodiac in health is also in neutral position. You do not get much trouble in health as long as eat proper food. Fever and small illness come and go so take rest as much as possible. In business, the financial loss brings stressful condition, which leads to mental instability. Sheep might be not energetic, but like to go around and enjoy curiosity. It is a good trait to implement in exercise regularly.

Another concern is a family condition. Put much attention to surrounding because Sheep affects to other Zodiacs. Reduce junk food and high-sugar beverage. Get proper sleep at night and control stress through yoga or meditation. Sheep is fond of this kind of activity.

Three aspects above show unfavorable sides for Chinese Zodiac Sheep in 2017. There is not a significant development in love, but do not give up easily. Spend money on the good stuff and think carefully when investing. Health is good when food, exercise, and mental are in good state.  Sheep should be on guard because 2017 is a tough year. The result of 2003 Chinese zodiac for Sheep is less favorable.

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