Prediction of 2007 Chinese Zodiac as Pig in 2017


2007 Chinese zodiac is the year of fire pig. There are twelve animals in Chinese Zodiac and each of them represents one year. Beside them, five elements are attached such as wood, metal, fire, water, and earth. 2017 is the year of fire rooster. Both of pig and rooster have a similar element but expect to see good fortune.

Three sections of life will be covered in this article. There are love, business, and health. The relationship between one to another is a reflection of the love that brings career and business into good part. Health comes in excellent condition when mental and physical are in balance. Those sections will be explored through personality and traits of Pig.

2007 Chinese Zodiac Pig in 2017

2007 Chinese Zodiac Fire Pig

  • Love and relationship

2007 Chinese zodiac for love start from the way pig sees the world. People with Pig as Zodiac are fond of social gathering. Sheep, Tiger, and rabbit are the best partner for Pig. Tiger is the calm and good leader that keep a pig in check. Sheep is shy and timid so require energetic but simple-minded personality as a pig. Rabbit and pig have similarity, which supports each other.

Fire rooster is not a good year for a pig in term of love and relationship. Having unlucky does not mean you can bring the relationship to a new level. Career and love create unbalance condition for the pig. You do not have much time to the romantic situation because the mind is full of business matter. Love is at stagnant level. Married couples face the certain problem and spending time together is the right way to handle such matter.

  • Business and career

2007 Chinese zodiac for business and career are determined from traits of a pig. For your information, Pig is greedy and lazy which lack of spirit to jump into the challenging area. Moreover, year of the rooster is unfavorable for pig so be careful in business. Pig is also greed and lack of consideration when seeing something too good. You are familiar with words such as too good to be true. Those words are a sign to put on hold any investment in rooster year. Many people consider pig as symbol or prosperity, though not as big as a dragon.

2007 Chinese zodiac is quite good for a career. You may get a promotion, but the reward is not too much. Be careful with an unexpected situation that ruins a career. Court and probation come close for a pig in this year. You are fond of social gathering, but trust everyone as a friend. Sometimes, one of them tries to trick and betray your trust from the back. The element of 2007 and 2017 is fire. Two elements meet at same state then bring much trouble. A small fire is good, but the huge fire is a disaster.

  • Health

2007 Chinese zodiac for health is also not good. Pig is an animal with a huge appetite. They are able to eat many things, despite tiny space inside the stomach. It is not good for health and body. Health issues are external injury, digestive, urinary, and bone. All of them require great attention in 2017 for the pig. The injury comes from the accident so you may be careful when driving the car around the city.

Having problem in business and love make the body vulnerable. First thing for Pig is a good control. Try to reduce much salt, sugar, and fat. You need to go out for exercise and relaxation. Spend time with family and give much attention to them. Insurance is recommended to buy in 2017 as a preventive measure.

Year of fire rooster is unfavorable for the year of fire pig. Three aspects of the life show less lucky side so Chinese Zodiac Pig 2017 is a difficult period for Pig. Chinese Zodiac has been applied since ancient time. It is more than knowledge, but the wisdom of life. You can take fortune of 2007 Chinese zodiac in 2017 as a guideline for better life.

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