Fortune of 2008 Chinese Zodiac as Rat In 2017


2008 Chinese zodiac is year of Earth Rat. Twelve animals turn one by one to represent on year as Chinese Zodiac. Rat is at first place, which followed with the next eleven. This animal is unique, energetic, smart, and reliable. People with rat as Zodiac are excellent in business with the ability to take the opportunity.

2008 Chinese zodiac starts from personality and traits because source to analyze future and fortune. In this case, rat is amiable, honest, modest, and flexible. Those traits can be found in rat with earth element. How is Chinese Zodiac rat in 2017? For your information, 2017 is year of fire rooster with less affinity to rat. This does not mean bad luck, but tends to be plain or stagnant. Three aspects will be explored to determine fortune of rat. There are love, wealth, and health. You will find interesting matter in those aspects.

Fortune of 2008 Chinese zodiac as Rat

2008 Chinese Zodiac Rat

  • Love and relationship

2008 Chinese zodiac in love and relationship is not quite favorable. Rat is easy to take any change in their very eyes. Male rat is opportunistic to see attractive and potential women. However, this trait will bring into destruction. For married couple, avoid intense communication without permission from husband and wife. Rat is attractive and earth element brings this matter into one step ahead. From twelve animals, rat is good to match with dragon, ox, and rabbit.

Plain and neutral are terms that too fragile. As you know, neutral tends to be misfortune so rat has to put much concern regarding love and relationship. If you just start new relationship. It is time to reduce pace. Ox is diligent while rat is creative. However, ox is burden to rat because think too much. If your partner is ox, it is better to listen his or her words. Earth cannot withstand fire, but not work together.

  • Wealth and career

2008 Chinese zodiac in business and career is neither luck nor misfortune. Rat is ambitious and keen to see opportunity. Instead of searching new thing, it is good to improve what they have now. Smart is rat trait and use this one to gather much knowledge. People recognize your brain to handle many things and ask to join investment or business. This is good change to gain unexpected wealth. However, investment might be scam or improper. Be careful about this thing to avoid mistake.

Instead of investing, career is in good path to promotion. You may not gain much reward or money, but promotion comes as result of previous work. This wealth is good source to cover your issue in health and love. Bad trait of rat is arrogant. You will see some people try to hold this promotion. You need to stay humble and maintain good relationship with them. Donate money to charity to balance bad and good fortune in business and wealth.

  • Health

2008 Chinese zodiac in health is complicated. Rat is small and fragile animal. For your information, rat does not have long age as similar to others. However, gathering wealth is their virtue to make sure next generations have enough wealth. In 2017, rat need to be careful with weather and injury.

Flu and fever come as effects of bad weather. Maintain diet with fruits and vegetables. Protein is good to generate cell and increase immune system. Follow every traffic regulation while driving. More importantly, avoid driving in dark to prevent unexpected situation. Health also affects family and friends. Put much concern to close family because depend on you.
From those explanations, year of fire rooster is unfavorable for rat. Love, business, and health are in plain, but tend to reach misfortune. You should on guard about such matters because single mistake deliver big disaster in the future. This year is tough, but rat is the most adaptable animal in the earth. They are able to through this year as long as stay in right path. Therefore, 2008 Chinese zodiac is good guideline to prevent misfortune.

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