Fortune of 2016 Chinese Zodiac Sign As Monkey In 2017


2016 Chinese zodiac sign is the year of the monkey and this article will be explored the fortune in 2017. Monkey is one of twelve animals in Chinese Zodiac. There are five elements in each of animals such as fire, water, wood, earth, and metal. 2016 is fire monkey and 2017 is fire rooster. Two zodiacs have a similar element, which gives interesting aspect to analyze. Keep in mind that fire meets fire has many things to expect. It might be good or bad.

2016 Chinese zodiac sign as a monkey is also a symbol of prosperity, though not as big as a dragon. People with a monkey as Zodiac have keen instinct to take any opportunity. In term of love, a monkey can be romantic and persuasive without too much burden. Living in the tree gives them strength to withstand with harmful. Having good sides does not mean lack of bad side. Knowing bad and good sides are a method to predict future and fortune through Chinese Zodiac. Three aspects of life will be explored from the monkey in 2017. There are love, wealth, and health.

Monkey’s Fortune as 2016 Chinese Zodiac Sign in 2017

2016 chinese zodiac sign Fire Monkey

  • Love

2016 Chinese zodiac sign in love area is favorable. For your information, fire monkey and fire rooster are in the good term which results in harmony. However, there is still a certain matter that requires utmost attention so be careful not to lose your guard.

The best matches for monkey are ox and rabbit. Ox is diligent and timid, but honest. Those are traits to control bad sides of monkey. If you are single, it is time to contact the old friend to know each other again. Monkey is too curious for challenging, even fallen in the trap. For married couples, it is better to keep communication with opposite sex in check. As stated earlier, 2017 is a good year for the monkey, but love is not at the highest level at all. As long as you keep in balance, favorable turns into great luck.  

  • Prosperity and career

2016 Chinese zodiac sign in business is similar to love. Monkey has keen business instinct. Rat is opportunistic which take any chance. However, monkey tends to be a more analytical person. People call smart when doing good side, but cunning for bad one. Both terms are different only in the matter of perspective. Invest money in an area with high turnover and short period. Year of the rooster is good to expand the business, especially for a new market. You create new product and want to find right date for launching. Therefore, this year is the most suitable time at all.

Monkey is also hard working. They learn quickly to adapt new environment then try to reach the top level. Promotion and reward will take place in 2017. You're superior recognized your skill since long time ago, but hardly to give a reward. It is time to take advantage of creative and hard work. How is about resign or changing job? Monkey is smart, but still need advice from others. Ask experience or seniors to give advice for future. Experience is the precious thing that hardly gets in the field. You may learn from them to justify future career.

  • Health

2016 Chinese zodiac sign for health is good. Work and business occupy your mind. It is a good sign, but be careful when eating many fats. Small illnesses come and go, but you still in the god health entire year. Fruits and vegetables are good to maintain a healthy balance. If you are on diet, do exercise regularly to lose weight.

Besides physical, the mental needs to keep in check. Fire indicates high energy in life. Monkey will feel more ambitious and passionate than the previous year. You still need to relax and enjoy leisure time. Try to visit the nature-based place, especially mountain and forest.

Each of aspects shows favorable for the monkey. Chinese Zodiac Monkey 2017 is a good year for the monkey to take and do many things. As long as everything on right path, everything will be fine. Therefore, the fortune of 2016 Chinese zodiac sign in 2017 is a short guideline to predict future.

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