5 Elements Chinese Zodiac and Their Association


5 elements Chinese zodiac are consisting of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. It is interesting to mention that the zodiac system of the Chinese calendar is not only using 12 animals, but also the elements as well. The year of 2017 is the fire rooster. Since the cycle is repeated, it means 60 years later in the year of 2077, we will have another fire rooster year again. What do those elements signify and how to take advantage of their true nature? Here is the detail information about it. By understanding the following explanation, you will be able to know how to take advantage of your characteristics.

The 5 Elements Chinese Zodiac Philosophy

5 Elements Chinese Zodiac

5 elements Chinese zodiac are associated with nature elements. In some ways, the elements are overcoming other elements. This system shares the similar philosophy of rock, paper, and scissor. Metal axe chops down the tree, which is wood. The root of trees grows and penetrates earth deeply. Earth absorbs water from the rain. Water puts down the fire. Fire melts the metal used to make an axe. Due to this unique interaction, people with the particular element will react differently with other people with a different element. Some might be more dominant than the rests. Aside from this philosophy, each element is associated with a direction, season, climate, and much more.

  • Wood (mŭ)

5 elements Chinese zodiac represent many things, including season. The wood element represents spring. The climate for this element is windy. This element is associated with an east direction. People who are born with the wood element are naturally benevolence, creative, blooming, and flourishing.

  • Fire (huŏ)

5 elements Chinese zodiac bring us to the next element: fire. People who are born with this element are commonly having high enthusiasm and passion towards something. The season for this element is summer with a hot climate. The best direction for fire element is south.

  • Earth (tŭ)

Earth is interesting element since it is central directional. It does not point at any specific direction as it goes with other elements. People with fidelity, security, nurturing, and stability is mostly having earth element.

  • Metal (jīn)

Similar to earth, people who born under metal element have righteousness characteristic. They are determined yet ambitious and persistence towards their goal. It is often associated with dry autumn and west direction.

  • Water (shuĭ)

5 elements Chinese zodiac can also be associated with human personality. The characteristic of people who are born under this element is wise. They commonly have a brilliant mind and agile thinking. The season for water element is definitely cold winter. It is associated with a north direction.

After you understand those elements, you can combine them with the characteristic of the animal signs. For instance, 2017 is categorized as the year of fire rooster. People who are born in this year will have the communicative characteristic. They are well known for their punctuality. The fire element of the rooster makes them enthusiastic and passionate. Unfortunately, this characteristic also comes with a downside as well. Due to their punctuality nature, they tend to do anything quickly. It might end up doing it recklessly.

In conclusion, all of the elements on Chinese characteristic signify important nature. This nature is not only affecting their personality but also their destiny as well. Chinese people who take this element seriously even build a house based on their elements. It is hoped that they will have good fortune all year. The philosophy of these elements allows them to direct their life into better condition. The elemental system on Chinese zodiac is part of their culture. Aside from the fortune telling, it has rooted deeply in their tradition as well. Therefore, people who have faith in it always do anything by considering 5 elements Chinese zodiac.