1971 Chinese Zodiac Compatibility in 2017


1971 Chinese zodiac compatibility in 2017 is somehow complicated. If you were born in this year, it means that you are categorized under the metal pig. In some ways, it is also called as a golden pig. According to Chinese belief, the pig is considered as lazy animals. It is getting fast since all it does is eating and sleeping. Aside from its clumsiness, it also shares positive characteristics as well. Most people who are born under this zodiac do not bring harm to other people. Pig is also often associated with wealth as well. Here is the explanation about compatibility and fortune during the year of fire rooster.

Metal Pig of 1971 Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

1971 Chinese Zodiac Compatibility in 2017

1971 Chinese zodiac compatibility has a unique characteristic. People with this sign are commonly having a broad mind. It does not think twice to give help to others. The good nature of pig makes it lovable by their friends and relatives. Since most pigs are wealthy, they spend most of their fortune for being generous. Even though pigs have good fortune, they are able to manage for being modest. The laziness nature of pigs does not make them forget about their responsibility.


1971 Chinese zodiac compatibility recommends taking care of their wealth. During the year of fire rooster, the interesting thing is going on with your wealth. Since your element is metal, it will not go well with the fire element of the year. You will make more expenses than you normally do. In order to prevent this from getting worse, you need to do less improvement than the year before. If you can manage it, try not to do investment at all. The year of fire rooster is the bad time to do investment for the pigs.


1971 Chinese zodiac compatibility is considered having good health. You also need to take care of your life as well. Some accident might affect your health significantly. The accident is probably causing injuries. For the injury, you will definitely require treatment. It will charge you with more money. In order to prevent this from happening, it is advisable not to do any dangerous activities during the year.


Thankfully, the career of people under the metal pig sign is relatively stable. The opportunity to get promotion might not as open widely. However, you somehow manage to survive this condition. You will have a stable career thanks to your good social skill. If you want to improve this condition, it is advisable to make your social interaction better. Expanding social circle outside to reach out people, particularly those with different segments will help your business development significantly.

Love and Relationship

Love and relationship of a metal pig during the year of fire rooster is dramatic. Many ups and downs are happening throughout the year. This condition happens because you are hoping for the best on your relationship. If what happens is according to your hope, you will feel blessed. Unfortunately, it also means that you will have greatly disappointed if something happens the exact opposite of what you are hoping for.

1971 Chinese zodiac compatibility has the good match to people under the sign of rabbit and horse. Both of them are a sweet combination for the pig. If you are hoping for long lasting marriage, choose soul mate with those zodiac sign. In another hand, you need to avoid getting into a relationship with people under the zodiac of monkey and snake. Both of them have exactly opposite personalities. Instead of completing each other, it triggers conflict in your life.

As a conclusion, the year of fire rooster is considered as a good year for the metal pig. As long as you can take care of your life aspects, you will be able to survive the year. In order to help you passing the year of fire rooster, you can use a reference from this 1971 Chinese zodiac compatibility.