The Fortune of 1976 Chinese Zodiac Compatibility in 2017


1976 Chinese zodiac compatibility should be taken seriously in 2017. If you were born in this year, it means that you are under the zodiac of a dragon. Meanwhile, your element is fire. It is interesting since the year of 2017 is fire rooster. Both you and this year share the same fire elements. How can this combination work out? According to Chinese philosophy, if you share the same animal signs to the year, it signifies bad luck all year along. Since you only share the same elements, things might work out differently.

How 1976 Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Working Out in Fire Rooster Year

The Fortune of 1976 Chinese Zodiac Compatibility in 2017

1976 Chinese zodiac compatibility requires you to understand the characteristic of your sign before analyzing it based on the year. The basic characteristics of dragons are brilliant minded and ambitious. They are also good at leading other people. Dragons with fire element are not only smart but also vigorous. The easygoing nature of dragons can be found in fire element as well. Unfortunately, some of them are mostly unreliable. It is unfortunate since reliability is required to gain people’s trust. One does not simply lead without trust.

Love and Relationship (The Best and Worst Couple for Fire Dragons)

The best matches for people who are born in 1976 are people with rat, snake, or tiger zodiac sign. Either way, they are considered as the best couple for fire dragons since they are able to support each other. When the fire dragons lead the way to happy marriage, rat, snake, and tiger will gladly follow it. Alternatively, they will give the required support to the dragons. They usually have the same interest as well.

1976 Chinese zodiac compatibility is not matching perfectly with dog, sheep, or ox. They are not destined to get along nicely with fire dragons. In the beginning, you probably think that you already found soul mate from any of those signs. However, your marriage will be filled with never ending the conflict. At the end of the day, both of you will be the enemy. It is advisable to wait for the right person instead of wasting time with the wrong person.


1976 Chinese zodiac compatibility is considered stable during the year of fire rooster. Ups and downs in wealth are something natural. Fire dragons are not only able to solve their financial problems in 2017, but they also able to solve them elegantly in a charming way. It is also interesting to point out that female fire dragons are more fortunate than male fire dragons in the fire rooster year. If you are a female, then you should take advantage of this opportunity.


Unfortunately, the same thing cannot be said to the health of fire dragon during the year of fire rooster. The charismatic nature of fire dragons remains shining brightly even if they are sick. The health problem happens during 2017 is related to blood pressure and liver. The best way to prevent this unfortunate health condition is by doing regular exercise. Fire dragons are smart enough to know what the best for their health are.


1976 Chinese zodiac compatibility mentions about bright future for fire dragons who willingly to take the risk of every opportunity. Dragons are mostly brilliant. They are able to find solutions to getting through the risk in front of them. The best jobs for fire dragon during this year are jobs that require the dragons to think more such as lawyer, broker, sales, or even manager. Choosing those jobs will make you fortunate throughout the year.

In general, the year of fire rooster is good for fire dragons. Selecting the suitable partner is the best way to get a happy marriage. That being said, 1976 Chinese zodiac compatibility requires them to taking care of their health by doing regular exercise.