The Fortune of Wood Snake in 1989 Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

1989 Chinese zodiac compatibility is such interesting sign. The animal sign for people who are born in this year is a snake. Meanwhile, the element attributed to the animal sign is wood. Wood snake has unique interaction to the year of fire rooster. The crucial thing about their interaction happens on the element. As you can see, fire dominates over the wood element. However, it does not necessarily mean that this year is a bad luck for the wood snake. The nature of snake will help to survive throughout the year.

How Wood Snake of 1989 Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Overcome the Fire Rooster Year

The Fortune of Wood Snake in 1989 Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

1989 Chinese zodiac compatibility will overcome the challenge during the year of fire rooster in a unique way. According to the Chinese calendar, the snake is in the sixth position. Snakes are mostly intelligent and wise. The wood element of the snakes makes them keep things in order. Due to their wise nature, snakes often do something according to their judgments. It can be good or bad thing depending on the situation. Most of all, snakes tend to choose to work by themselves.

Love and Relationship (The Best and Worst Couple for Wood Snake)

The recommended couples for snake are those who are born under the sign of either dragon or rooster. Both of them have ambitious nature that is not only good for soul mate, but also business well. If what you need is only close friend, you can choose horse, monkey, or rat. People who were born with dog sign are considered as good option. They will remain faithful to your judgment. Conflicts do not happen often if you choose them.

1989 Chinese zodiac compatibility do not recommend you to select people with rabbit, pig, or tiger sign. The love between those signs will be started with harmonious relationship. Unfortunately, it begins to fade as the time goes by. Distance will start to develop between them. They will be ended up separated in painful ways. Choosing the same snake sign is not a recommended option either. Even though the signs are the same, but the goal of your relationship might be different. Walking in different paths will make you separated.


1989 Chinese zodiac compatibility will have many opportunities. Most of those opportunities are related to business expansion. If you take this opportunity properly, you will have the prosperous life up ahead. However, it requires you to working with other people. In other hand, snakes are not good with working in a team. In order to deal with this problem, it is advisable for snakes to be the team leader instead. After you gaining profit from the business expansion, it is recommended to purchase useful assets.


Snakes live in peaceful condition. They do not like noisy environment. The main health problem is being overwhelmed by stress. The stress is mostly coming from multitasking work or a full schedule. The key to this problem is good time management. Setting the priority scale for the work is highly advisable. If you take care of everything in order of priority, you can reduce the chance of being stressed. Snakes need to allocate time for rest and relax from their burden.


1989 Chinese zodiac compatibility is well known for their intelligent. Their basic nature will trigger their potential and creativity. Any job requires creativity will bring them into prosperous life. Some of the recommended jobs for wood snakes are including artists, potter, painter, and even entertainer.

The year of fire rooster will not be a challenge for the wood snake. Opportunities and problems will come to them. However, the wood snakes of 1989 Chinese zodiac compatibility will manage to survive the year thanks to their intelligent nature.