Chinese Zodiac Snake 2017 Horoscope Signs


Chinese zodiac Snake 2017 predicts a combination of good and average luck in various aspects of your life in this Rooster year. One thing is that you’ll have your emotions to rule your life this year. TheSnakerefore, you need to be in good mind state to control the emotion. Your love life will be full of good luck. However, other aspects of your life like finance and career will not be that good. But, it doesn’t mean you’ll suffer from crisis. All you need to do is to stay sharp and focus to avoid something bad happens in this year. Chinese Zodiac Snake 2017 – Year with Good and Bad Lucks Combined

Your Life Prediction in Chinese Snake in 2017

Chinese Zodiac Snake 2017 Prediction

Horoscope Snake Lucky Colors: black and yellow
Zodiac Snake Lucky Numbers: 2, 8, 9
Chinese horoscope Snake Lucky Flowers: orchid and cactus

Snake year of birth

14 February 1953 - 02 February 1954 = Snake Water
02 February 1965 - 20 January 1966 = Snake Wood
18 February 1977 - 06 February 1978 = Snake Fire
06 February 1989 - 26 January 1990 = Snake Earth
24 January 2001 - 11 February 2002 = Snake Metal
10 February 2013 - 30 January 2014 = Snake Water

Fortune Telling: Chinese Zodiac Snake 2017

Snake Horoscope Predictions 2017 for Love and Relationship

Chinese zodiac Snake 2017 predicts good love relationship in this year. For you Snakes that have been in a relationship or marriage, you’ll enjoy great relationship time. However, there is also possibility for unfavorable luck caused by the existence of unexpected opposite sex. So, make sure to keep a distance with opposite sex. Keep in mind that stable marriage is the Snakes’ powerful weapon to have good wealth and career life.

Snake Chinese Horoscope 2017 for Fortune and Career

Chinese zodiac Snake 2017 forecasts a decline in financial life. It means that there will be less likely of good opportunities to improve your financial state. And, there is also possibility for you to suffer from personal financial losses. That is due to the effect from three inauspicious stars namely Dasha, Feilian and Baihu. So, do not expect to make more saving or investment this year. At least, what you must do is preventing big financial loses that can lead to financial crisis. Make sure to stay aware at all times.

Instead of focusing in saving money which will be almost impossible, it’s better for you to focus on developing your skill. Use your spare time to gain more knowledge by attending seminar or training. Or, you can also explore possibilities for new business that you can do in the future. Don’t worry; even though you may suffer from some lose but everything will be better in the following year. So, you have to stay positive and optimistic. Nothing bad lasts forever right.

Chinese zodiac Snake 2017 also predicts not so good luck and conditions in career life, just like in financial life. There will be almost no good career luck this year. That is due to the punishment from the Tai Sui. Therefore, you will have to be tougher this year. At least, you have to withstand everything that will come to your career life. However, some of you will face greater work pressure due to the Huangfan influence. It’s one of the inauspicious stars. Though you cannot improve your career this year, but the least thing you can do is to avoid career loss. Keep the current pace and mood. And use your time to build better relations with co-workers and employers.

Snake 2017 Year Of The Rooster 2017 Predictions For Health

Chinese zodiac Snake 2017 unfortunately forecasts poor health luck caused by influence of the inauspicious stars. It means there is possibility for Snakes to get bleed or injured due to some accidents. Therefore, every time you do any activities, pay attention to be more focused to your safety as preventive measures. Don’t forget to take extra protective measures when it comes to dangerous sports like buggy jumping, surfing and climbing. If you have ever got an injury that hasn’t fully cured, consult the doctor and have it checked. This is a preventive measure to make the injury doesn’t get worse. And, if you are pregnant, you have to be more careful and pay attention to your health. That’s because there is possibility for abortion and miscarriage.

Year of the Snake 2017

Chinese horoscope Snake 2017 can be concluded that the year of Rooster is not a very good year for Snakes. However, it’s not all bad because there will be some good things happening as predicted before. Year with Good and Bad Lucks Combined. Year Of the Snake 2017 . 

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